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The UK Legal Industry

 The legal sector in the UK has demonstrated its resilience and ability to withstand adverse business conditions and emerged stronger for the challenges presented by that experience, despite the recent challenges confronting the general economy. The UK and London in particular, continues to be a magnet for increasing investment in the legal sector. Foreign headquartered firms persist in entering the UK and at the same time the domestic market is experiencing a transformation as firms capture scale through consolidation, new firms commence business, new entrants from outside the legal sector build alliances to allow them to invest and participate in the sector and innovative business models emerge for the delivery of legal services in the UK.


Vijay Rathour

Vijay Rathour

Vice President Stroz Friedberg UK

Dervish Tayyip

Dervish Tayyip

Assistant General Counsel Microsoft UK

Akber Datoo

Akber Datoo

Partner D2 Legal Technology UK

Leo Martin

Leo Martin

Founder and Director GoodCorporation Ltd UK

Mike Reed

Mike Reed

IT Director Capita Translation and Interpreting

Paul Dyer

Paul Dyer

Managing Director Influence Inc UK

Trevor Asserson

Trevor Asserson

Senior Partner Asserson Law Offices UK


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Panel Discussion
10:30 AM – 11:25 AM

Anti-Corruption Boot Camp

As anti-corruption enforcement continues to mature around the world, in-house counsel must stay abreast of the latest regulatory developments to minimize legal, financial and reputational risk.

This session provides the tools necessary to avoid investigations remain compliant and monitor the third-party conduct. A panel of anti-corruption professionals, ethics and compliance executives and government officials will cover:

  • Updates on the UK Bribery Act
  • Latest on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  • What the US Department of Justice and SEC are enforcing
  • Pending legislations in high risk markets
  • Data privacy protections
  • Audit and accounting perspectives
  • How to develop a Global Compliance Program
  • Anti-corruption compliance best practices
  • Getting employees on board
  • How to monitor the supply chain and the conduct of third parties
  • Lessons learned from the panelists

Panel Discussion
10:30 AM – 11:25 AM

The Changing Landscape of Law Firm Growth Content

The impact of “new breed” firms and ABSs.
Client retention and loyalty in the digital age
What does an effective, proactive growth strategy look like?

Panel Discussion
10:30 AM – 11:25 AM

Compliance Risk in the Digital Age: Cyber Security, Privacy and Data

The potential for misuse of sensitive personal information has triggered legislative and regulatory action worldwide. Learn best practices for adopting sound privacy practices, ensuring regulatory and legal compliance, and protecting your competitive advantage:

  • Understanding your organization’s legal obligations and risks
  • How to engage senior management in developing a privacy approach
  • How to develop a method for measuring success
  • Ensuring your employees are well-informed and understand company privacy policies
  • Consistent and adequate program oversight

Panel Discussion
10:30 AM – 11:25 AM

A View from the Top: Compliance and the C-Suite

This interactive panel discussion of CEOs, Board Directors, Compliance Officers and General Counsel will examine how government investigations and high-stakes litigation are viewed from the role of leadership, the corporate board and legal teams.

  • Compliance trends and strategies
  • High-stakes compliance enforcement actions
  • Managing compliance costs
  • Role of the Compliance Officer, Board Directors and in-house legal teams
  • Role of external service providers, including law firms

Panel Discussion
11:35 AM – 12:30 PM

Trends in Legal Technology and e-Discovery Solutions for Litigation Management

The legal industry is embracing technological innovations as a way to remain competitive by working more efficiently, effectively and accurately. Learn why law firms and corporate legal departments are evaluating their IT infrastructure and looking towards new options such as cloud-based processes and legal software applications to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

Panel Discussion
11:35 AM – 12:30 PM

Better Decision Making through Analysis of Litigation Risk

Today’s legal professionals are experiencing myriad challenges. With increasing litigation, thereby, it is imperative for legal departments to adopt a measured and deliberate approach to prepare for these eventualities.

This session will help delegates to learn concise evaluation of risks and costs associated with litigation, thus, enabling them to have better resource allocation, defining budget and achieving metric driven decision making.

Panel Discussion
11:35 AM – 12:30 PM

Risk Management in the World of Mobile, Technology and Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and mobile devices pose new challenges in today’s evolving business world. Companies are exposed to loss of reputation, scandal, bad employee behaviour, company secrets being leaked, harassment and other damaging communications. Despite the pitfalls, mobile technology and social media have become part of our normal work day.

This workshop will cover best practices for securing the online, mobile and social environment and will provide strategies for protecting against litigation both inside and outside the workplace.

  • World of mobile, technology and social media
  • Risk assessment
  • Trends and challenges
  • Type of risks involved
  • Strategies and solutions
  • Protecting against litigation

Master Class
11:35 AM – 12:30 PM

The Modern GC: Is Tax Risk still just a matter for Finance and Tax?

Boards of companies are under greater pressure to ensure the “right” amount of tax is paid. Tax authorities are under pressure to achieve better compliance. How should the modern GC work with Finance and Tax to manage risk?

  • The current landscape: what tax authorities are doing to address and target key tax risks?
  • Who is responsible: advising the Board on corporate and personal liability
  • New consultations: code of conduct, publishing tax strategy, Bribery Act style criminal offence
  • The international context: international structuring and reputational risk
  • Managing risk: having an effective relationship with the tax authority
  • Practical issues: managing a tax enquiry.

Master Class
1:30 PM – 2:10 PM

Insights into International Arbitration

International Arbitration is rapidly emerging as a preferred method for resolving cross-border commercial disputes. New arbitration centers are being established around the world and the legal industry is adapting to the changing global landscape of international arbitration.

This session will provide valuable insights involving the practice of international arbitration and its value in resolving a wide range of cross-border disputes. Session leaders will cover:

  • Why arbitration
  • Advantages, drawbacks and pitfalls of arbitration
  • Industries and regions on the front lines of international business deals
  • Developing a Dispute Resolution Policy
  • Drafting contractual provisions for dispute resolution
  • Best practices in anticipating and preparing for cross-border commercial and intellectual property disputes

Master Class
1:30 PM – 2:10 PM

Developments in Private Antitrust Litigation

Private antitrust litigation is growing more frequent across Europe, particularly in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. This session will cover the steps companies should take to mitigate their risk.

  • Updates on the EU Damages Directive and similar measures
  • How anti-trust laws are impacting Europe and Asia
  • Developing proper procedures and building a team
  • Identifying potential claimants
  • Understanding jurisdictional differences

Panel Discussion
1:30 PM – 2:10 PM

Creating an Anti-Fraud Culture in your Organization

With more organizations losing annual revenue and damaging public reputation due to fraud issues, the need for strong anti-fraud assessment is warranted. GCs need to consider, institute and improve measures to detect, deter and prevent fraud.

This session will explain how to:

  • Identify, assess and manage fraud risks
  • Develop fraud risk management policies and procedures
  • Promote fraud awareness throughout the organization
  • Develop a system of internal controls to address the entity’s fraud risks
  • Address and respond to any identified instances of fraud

Panel Discussion
1:30 PM – 2:10 PM

Contracts Management and Compliance

Audit committees of boards at public companies are asking for contract audits. General Counsels need to work with Board of Directors and Senior Management to assess and manage contracting practices in a way that decreases organizational risk and contributes to the company’s revenue by making commercial processes more efficient.

  • Determining the total value of all obligations contained in active agreements
  • Determining the overall risk level across all contracts
  • Evaluating Contract Review Cycle
  • Designing and implementing a Contract Management Program
  • Partnering with sophisticatedly managed service providers

Panel Discussion
2:20 PM – 3:00 PM

Cloud-based Data Protection: Integrating Growth From Bottom to Top

  • Important key identity, data protection and privacy issues in the cloud
  • Explain the outcome of cloud evaluation process and future direction
  • Issues and challenges regarding information governance in cloud computing
  • Retaining your valuable business information with managed cloud computing
  • Cloud computing data security: Managing unauthorized use of cloud computing
  • Ensuring data security in the cloud with cloud encryption
  • Understanding security and data protection implications in the cloud

Panel Discussion
2:20 PM – 3:00 PM

Litigation Finance & Funding: Business, Legal and Ethical Issues

Global economic market forces have propelled the rise of litigation funding, this being a significant development in civil litigation today. Litigation can be expensive and risky.

Litigation funding can help mitigate the costs and risks involved in pursuing or defending a claim, thereby increasing the access to justice.

  • Need for litigation funding
  • Who uses litigation funding
  • The Attorney-Client-Funder relationship
  • Key provisions for litigation funding
  • Need for regulation of litigation funding
  • Effects on class action practice and management
  • Business, legal and ethical Issues in litigation funding
  • Future of litigation funding in UK

Panel Discussion
2:20 PM – 3:00 PM

How Technology can help Mitigate Risk

The corporate world is embracing technological innovations as a way to manage risk by working more efficiently, effectively and accurately.

Learn why corporate legal departments are evaluating their IT infrastructure and looking to new options such as cloud-based processes, legal software applications and LPO models to leverage technology to its fullest potential for enterprise-wide risk management.

Panel Discussion
2:20 PM – 3:00 PM

Re-engineering Corporate Boards to better Manage Risk

New market challenges are forcing boards to assess a wider range of issues and potential threats that could affect their business. General Counsel and Board Directors need to analyze situations from many different viewpoints and process huge volumes of information in order to make well-informed decisions that help a company thrive in a complicated global business ecosystem.

This session will address the leading challenges facing corporate boards today, how board directors are responding, and the new techniques used to manage risk.

Panel Discussion
3:30 PM – 4:10 PM

Justice for Lawyers, with special reference to professional bodies and regulations

  • What is ‘Justice for Lawyers
  • Lawyer association with professional bodies
  • Who is regulatory body
  • What is the code of professional responsibility for Lawyers ?
  • Resolution for legal professionals to keep general interest functioning for legal system.

Panel Discussion
3:30 PM – 4:10 PM

Redefining Outsourcing Support Services in legal industry

As the legal outsourcing industry matures and expands, corporate legal departments and law firms alike are becoming more open-minded about outsourcing support services. The outsourcing industry has grown tremendously over the years, extending its reach beyond traditional IT and technological services into various forms of business processes, and working its way up the value chain.
Outsourcing can make a litigation team more efficient and agile through e-discovery and technology solutions such as cloud-based computing, analytics and visualization. Attendees will learn about the latest tools for:

  • Understanding the drivers for outsourcing
  • Key areas of potential risk
  • Contract management
  • Litigation support

Master Class
3:30 PM – 4:10 PM

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape

In compliance risk assessment, a company evaluates risk factors regarding compliance with state, federal and even foreign laws and regulations. Add to this the numerous policies, procedures, ethical standards, contracts and obligations; and the General Counsels need a comprehensive plan for risk management.

Attend this session to learn the latest updates on UK and other European laws and regulations that may affect your business. Panelists will offer advice on how to track and assess the potential risks and challenges these rules present.

Panel Discussion
3:30 PM – 4:10 PM

Working to achieve Absolute Compliance without incurring Extra Costs

Join us as we discuss how to effectively use ethics and compliance in global operations without adding manpower or significantly increasing budget.

  • Global ethical practices
  • Governance models
  • Rules and regulations
  • Innovative practices in the legal world
  • Audits
  • Whistle-blowing and reporting
  • Anti-corruption screening

Panel Discussion
4:20 PM – 5:00 PM

Achieving legal certainty in the global litigation market

English common law contains a set of long-established principles for resolving contractual and statutory disputes and many litigants choose the UK as a litigation forum. However, outside of London there are new players in the global litigation market: the DIFC Courts in Dubai, the Singapore International Commercial Court and the ADGM in Abu Dhabi. To varying degrees English principles are looked to for guidance.

How will these new courts decide contractual and statutory disputes? With relatively few reported judgments, clients will want to know how the judge is likely to approach the dispute in each forum. Can English common law concepts be exported into emerging litigation markets in order to achieve legal certainty? Can assistance be gained from other Commonwealth jurisdictions? The panel will consider a range of case studies in Australia, Singapore, the DIFC and the ADGM in order to provide some answers to this question and to predict some trends for the future.

  • An overview of the English common law principles: contractual and statutoryinterpretation, the implication of terms in different contracts
  • The early life of the Court: the DIFC experience
  • Backlash against English law exports: Australia, Singapore and the DIFC
  • ADGM: a model for certainty or a recipe for doubt?

Panel Discussion
4:20 PM – 5:00 PM

Trends in e-Discovery and Litigation

White collar, bribery, wage & hour-class actions and IP litigation are all on the rise. Hear about the latest case laws, insider legal strategies, and comprehensive updates on the most significant matters of 2015 and beyond and learn the role that e-Discovery plays in these ‘bet-the-company’ matters.

Panel Discussion
4:20 PM – 5:00 PM

Risk Management that Enables Long-Term Competitive Advantage

The world is changing at an unprecedented rate, creating new uncertainties for global businesses. Businesses need to take a proactive, enterprise-wide approach to managing the myriad business risks in order to sustain long-term growth. General Counsel have an integral role in this new paradigm and are increasingly responsible for developing a consistent application across the organization to better identify, evaluate and exploit the business risks, all while maintaining the appropriate controls to ensure effective and efficient operations and regulatory compliance.

Panel Discussion
4:20 PM – 5:00 PM

Compliance, Risks, Security and Confidentiality Issues in dealing with Overseas Service Providers (LPOs)

Legal sourcing raises specific questions about compliance, risks, security and confidentiality. Gain a better understanding of these considerations and learn how to manage:

  • Data protection laws
  • Privacy of data shared with external service providers
  • Overseas data flow
  • Location of servers
  • Challenges in vendor relationships
  • Training the manpower
  • Security and business continuity
  • Governance models
  • Managing disputes before they arise

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