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26th Global IP ConfEx, London, 16 March 2016

26th Global IP ConfEx, London, 16 March 2016

26th Global IP ConfEx, London, 16 March 2016

A strong and stable Intellectual Property Rights is the foundation of UK’s global legislative reforms working towards the benefit of all consumers. IP laws and practices are facing unprecedented changes at a fast pace. The Intellectual Property system has been effective in prioritizing and protecting interests, nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial thinking leading to economic development of European Union. Recognizing the challenges and opportunities that these reforms present, Events 4 Sure which is a leading name legal event organizer is coming up with its 26th International Conference, the Global IP ConfEx in London in March 2016.

This event will provide a platform of thought provoking ideas and best practices from the legal as well as corporate sector on subjects like Intellectual Property, Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Legal Outsourcing from different parts of the world with a great opportunity for networking and developing long-term business relations. This Global IP ConfEx would act as the springboard to promote welfare, social interest, education and professional development of all who are directly or indirectly associated with Intellectual Property.

This event invites about :

  • 250+ Key Lawyer participants – UK and overseas
  • 100+ In-house legal and IP lawyers
  • 50+ exhibitors
  • 35+ bar associations and media partners
  • 25+ country representatives
  • 20+ panel discussions
  • 100+ speakers
  • Selected business dialogues
  • Selected IP Outsourcing service providers

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