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Litigation Society: Say NO to Cyber Risks & Fraud Issues in Today’s Digital Age

Litigation Society: Say NO to Cyber Risks & Fraud Issues in  Today’s Digital Age

Litigation Society: Say NO to Cyber Risks & Fraud Issues in Today’s Digital Age

Tired of ignoring emails from unknown senders? Do you constantly change passwords to prevent frauds and internet threats?? Do you have updated anti-virus software in yoursystem, yet the fear of unexpected cyber attack and fraud issue scares you every night???

Today, the estimated annual cost over global cybercrime has crossed the line of $100 billion, targeting more than 556 million users per year. Viruses, Trojans, worms and malware contribute to the largest percentage (50%) of cyber attacks when compared with other forms, like phishing (22%), theft of bearing data devices (28%) and SQL injection (28%).

Well, in this threatening cyber environment where your confidential litigation data is always at risk, there is no point of waiting for good news. Instead attorneys, lawyers and law firms are advised to adopt prudent cyber security and data privacy measures to stand against security breaches. Are you wondering what could be the ways to keep cyber threats miles away? Global Legal ConfEx, London acted as the right platform where all these concerns were addressed by world-known and well-experienced speakers from the litigation industry. The event highlighted all aspects related to data privacy, anti-fraud and anti-corruption making it easier for law firms & legal professionals to escape all hurdles.

Events 4 Sure successfully managed the Global Legal ConfEx in London on 09 September 2015, an event presented by Propero Partners and organized by Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyer (GOAL). This event acted as the ideal platform to promote the welfare, interests, education and professional development of all legal professionals who are directly or indirectly associated with the legal industry.

Summary: Digital age is full of potential cyber risks and fraud issues. It is high time to oppose these threats. Participate in Global Legal ConfEx, London, to know easy ways for anti-fraud assessment and data privacy measures.


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