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The Global Legal & IP ConfEx and Global GDPR ConfEx aims to bring together 300+ In-house Counsel, Law Firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals, Tech Vendors and Selected Service Providers. Each lawyer participant attends the event because he/she has some operational challenges to resolve such as: Litigation. Technology.Software.E-discovery.Risk.Security.Compliance. Outsourcing (This list of challenges is only indicative, not exhaustive). In order to find the solutions, they not only need the learning & education but also the meetings with right service providers. Our event helps them with both.
Here you go with the list of current delegates.

About GDPR ConfEx

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hovers over organizations like the sword of Damocles, with fines theoretically at an all-time high. Beyond that, there are, of course, many reasons to "get privacy", including consumer trust, employee satisfaction and proper ethics. Organizations are at different levels of preparation toward GDPR compliance. Join this ConfEx to make sure your organization is properly prepared and that you haven't overlooked any of the top 10 basic changes that need your attention.

What is in the Agenda:

  • Keynote Address
  • Panel Discussions
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Exhibitions
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Private Luncheon
  • Tea and Lunch Breaks
  • Evening Cocktail
  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Speakers Felicitation
  • Speakers Breakfast Meeting

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Agenda Detail

 ConfEx Agenda (From 07:30 AM to 06:30 PM Gulf Standard Time) 

07:30 AM – Onwards
Conference Registration 

Informal Networking | 08:00 AM – 08:45 AM

  • Speakers Breakfast Meeting
  • Pre-Scheduled One-on-One Business Meetings
Opening Keynote Address | 08:45 AM – 10:00 AM

The Changing Landscape of Legal & IP Services: How Technology Changes Everything

  • What is happening in Legal-tech?
  • Is Reg-tech ready?
  • Paperless Corporate Governance
  • Patent, Trademark & Technology
Michael Naroz
Group Legal Director,
Christopher Gallagher, Esq.
Chief Solutions Officer,
Special Counsel,
Mohamed Karim
Business development manager,


Informal Networking | 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

  • Networking Tea Break
  • Pre-Scheduled One-on-One Business Meetings

Hall A – Law, IP & Technology

Hall B – GDPR, Compliance & Technology

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM | Leadership Learning Lab

Blockchain Technology: Opportunity or Threat?

Experts will share the detailed information on the following key points-.

  • Blockchain: what lawyers need to know? Will this affect their practice or firm?
  • Blockchain regulations in the Middle East.
  • How the laws & regulation affecting blockchain technology can impact its adoption
  • How the Middle East government is using Blockchain technology to fight fraud?
  • How Blockchain will affect legal services employment
  • Application of Blockchain technology in legal services industry

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM | Leadership Learning Lab

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Intellectual Property (IP): What do you need to know?

Data privacy is a crosscutting matter applicable to all sectors, including IP. IP practitioners deal constantly with the collection and handling of personal data – and many of them are not sure how to handle them properly.?

  • How to handle personal data properly?
  • How to protect yourself against data loss and data theft
  • What are the changes introduced by the GDPR in context of IP?
  • Middle East countries war on data theft
  • What kind of personal data do IP practitioners deal with? 
  • Digital Marketing Under GDPR

11:45 AM – 12:05 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Intellectual Property Rights specifically referencing Trademark Infringement in the United Arab Emirates

  • Understanding Intellectual Property
  • Concept of ‘Trademark’ in Intellectual Property
  • Trademark Protection in the UAE
  • Laws relating to Trademark in the UAE


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11:45 AM – 12:05 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

GDPR Article 28: Operationalising 3rd and 4th Party Vendor Risk Management

Managing vendor risk is a continuous effort under GDPR. As organisations continue to improve their privacy programs, streamlining third- and fourth-party vendor risk management has become a priority. This includes everything from getting sufficient guarantees from your vendors to efficiently working with them during an audit or incident–and much more. In this session, you’ll hear about organisations that have implemented a successful vendor risk management process and explore helpful tips and practical advice to improve your privacy program. 


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12:10 PM – 12:50 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Artificial Intelligence: Risk to IP & Non IP Lawyers’ Profession?

According to recent research released at the World Economic Forum (WEF), 5 million jobs are expected to be taken by robots by 2020 itself. Can you imagine the robots taking lawyers’ jobs? Technology doing the real lawyers’ work – robot lawyers?

  • What is Artificial Intelligence– connection with IP lawyers
  • What AI applications can do in the legal industry, besides document review and automation?
  • Can robots replace IP lawyers in reality? By 2050?
  • Can robots think and act like IP lawyers?
  • AI & automation for law firms?
  • Do you think people will accept AI especially in Middle East?
  • What are the advantages of using the AI in terms of cost effectiveness for the IP lawyers? So far what is the negative impact?

12:10 PM – 12:50 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Legal World and Cybersecurity: How Can Lawyers Keep Their Client Data Confidential?

  • Where are we on cybersecurity in Middle East?
  • Impact of GDPR on these risks - are firms prepared?
  • Motivations for cybercrime which targets law firms?
  • How can firms tackle these challenges?
  • How can lawyers advise their clients regarding cybersecurity?
  • Best practices and new developments in high-stakes litigation and arbitration 

12:55 PM – 01:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Electronic Discovery in Investigations

  • Types of data and devices
  • Cross-border investigations
  • Managing Risks and Costs
  • Practical tips
  • Case Study

12:55 PM – 01:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

EU GDPR: Where to Start? Some Practical Tips

Experts will share practical insights for organizations of all sizes to help them start to prepare for the EU GDPR, and why adopting a data-centric security approach will help you improve data governance, reduce the risk of data loss and lower compliance costs.

Experts will talk about:

  • Top tips to start preparing for the EU GDPR
  • Case Studies on what other organizations are doing to prepare
  • Why is the Data security most important aspect of GDPR
  • Laying the foundation stone: Cyber security strategy starts with the data
  • Cost vs ROI

Informal Networking | 01:15 PM – 02:15 PM

Lunch and Informal Networking with Exhibitors

  • Networking Luncheon Break
  • Private Luncheon with Key Participants
  • Pre-Scheduled One-on-One Business Meetings

02:15 PM – 02:55 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

“How Much is Too Much”: Are We Prepared for Future Frauds, Black Money and Corruption?

  • Compliance and Investigations in Middle East Evolving Anti-Corruption Landscape
  • How to overcome cultural challenges in rolling out an anti-corruption awareness
  • Essential Elements of an Effective Compliance Program
  • Bribery, corruption risks to persist in 2017-18
  • Strengthening your due diligence and monitoring processes

02:15 PM – 02:55 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

GDPR: The Game changer: Are you ready to play by GDPR?

The rules of the game are about to change. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation is set to become law in May 2018. Is your organization ready?

GDPR will affect companies around the world. Get ahead of the game and learn how your business strategy and security considerations need to change in order to be compliant.

  • What is the goal of GDPR?
  • What are the key aspects of GDPR?
  • What are the emerging requirements?
  • What can your company do to get ready for them?
  • Impact on IP & Non IP Law Firms ?

03:00 PM – 03:20 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

International Trademark Law and Practice

  • Comparative analysis of trademark law and practice in countries around the world 
  • Historical, philosophical and legal perspectives
  • Global scale – UAE and overseas perspective
  • Trademark strategies and protections in a branded world
  • Practical tips and advice

03:00 PM – 03:20 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

GDPR Compliance and Role of Technology & AI

Technology’s role in data protection is the important link in GDPR transformation. GDPR technology experts will share the detailed information on the following key points:

  • Adopting GDPR technology framework- The role of advisors and vendors
  • What kinds of tools and assistance are available?
  • Technology operation challenges in the GDPR
  • Data protection impact assessments – understanding technology risk
  • Regulatory guidance on technology issues
  • Advantages of using automation For GDPR compliance

03:25 PM – 04:05 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Litigation as an Effective Strategy against Patent Threats

Litigation has traditionally been seen as a poor option for an accused infringer. Instead, litigation is commonly viewed as an activity that is forced on an unwilling participant. The threat of litigation is particularly important when the patentee is a patent troll, offsetting the patent troll's ability to force a license, and playing a key role in forcing low-cost settlements. This session explores the options available to the accused infringer in the face of a patent threat.

  • Defining the concept of a patent troll
  • Reasons why an infringer might choose to litigate
  • Infringer and patentee's decision-making process
  • How changes in the ability of patentees to obtain injunctions may drive the tendency of parties to litigate
  • Licensing strategies
  • The value of settlements that occur in place of litigation
  • Understanding the Legal Issues That Affect Patent License Agreements

03:25 PM – 04:05 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

EU General Data Protection Regulation – A Compliance Guide

GDPR reshapes the data protection norms for organizations worldwide that collect and process the data of European residents. The Regulation also imposes fines, grants extended rights to data subjects and allows data subjects to bring legal action against organizations in case of data breach.

Experts will discuss about the following GDPR Compliance aspects:

  • Your accountability under the GDPR, and what it means for boards and senior management
  • Scale, guidance and timescales – the challenge of complying
  • Assessing your readiness – clarifying risks to identify appropriate solutions
  • Plotting your journey to compliance – scheduling proportionate investments
  • What are the compliances for cloud based applications
  • How do you get started with your compliance program? 

04:05 PM – 04:15 PM
Coffee and Tea Break - Informal Networking with Exhibitors

04:15 PM – 05:00 PM 

Interaction With All Speakers Through LIVE Q&A Session

05:00 PM – 06:30 PM

Evening Happy Hours & Informal Networking

This ceremony will celebrate the presence of our speakers, key delegates and sponsors who made this event happen with their undaunting support and participation-

  • Awards Ceremony
  • Speakers Felicitation
  • Evening Cocktail Reception

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