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Data Privacy

Virtual Discussion & Speed Networking Event

India - 12 December 2023

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12 PM to 1:30 PM IST

Virtual Round Table Discussion & Q&A Session

  • Opening Remarks

  • One-on-One Introduction: Let the industry know you and your expertise 

  • Share your experiences on mentioned topic, operation challenges and expected solutions required 

  • Q&A

Discussion Topic & Details-

Essentials of Cookie Consent and Preference Management in DPDPA


Do you know the essentials of Cookie Consent and Preference Management? Cookie Consent and Preference Management are essential in complying with the Data Privacy Regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Cookie consent offers the users to determine how and the purpose for which the data is collected and processed Preference management helps users to choose their cookie preferences.
Attend this virtual roundtable, and get to know the essentials of Cookie Consent and Preference Management-

  • Understanding Cookie Compliance: A deep dive into the legal aspects and regulations surrounding cookie consent, with a focus on DPDPA. 

  • User-Centric Approach: Explore strategies to empower users by offering them meaningful choices and control over their data.

  • Transparency and Communication: Learn how to communicate effectively about data collection, processing, and cookie usage to build trust.

  • Compliance Challenges: Understand the common challenges organizations face in achieving and maintaining cookie consent compliance.

  • Enhanced Consent Precision: Discover the importance of granular consent mechanisms and how they align with privacy regulations like GDPR.

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA): Learn how to conduct a DPIA to assess and mitigate privacy risks related to cookie usage.

  • Implementation Best Practices: Get insights into practical steps for implementing cookie consent and preference management effectively.

01:30 PM – 01:35 PM IST

Closing Remarks & Thank You Note


Key Speakers

Virtual Round Table Discussions