Intellectual Property (IP) ConfEx

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This event will gather 100 - 200 IP Counsel, Heads of IP Depts, Patent Managers, Trademark Managers, Risk & Compliance Professionals, Chief IP Officers, Data Privacy Officers, Head of Patents, Patent Attorneys, Directors Data Privacy & IP, IP Law Firm Partners, IP Tech Professionals and Service Providers.





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THE Queen Elizabeth II Centre,

Broad Sanctuary Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE








We are all set to host our next flagship event- The Global Intellectual Property (IP) ConfEx in London, UK which is to be held on 28 September 2022. This event will gather 100 - 200 IP Counsel, Heads of IP Depts, Patent Managers, Trademark Managers, Risk & Compliance Professionals, Chief IP Officers, Data Privacy Officers, Head of Patents, Patent Attorneys, Directors Data Privacy & IP, IP Law Firm Partners, IP Tech Professionals and Service Providers. Each lawyer participant attends the event because he/she has some operational challenges to resolve such as IP. Patent. Trademark. Risk. Security. GDPR. CCPA. Compliance. Data Privacy. Artificial Intelligence. Legal Technology. Automation. Machine Learning. Litigation. E-discovery (This list of challenges is only indicative, not exhaustive). In order to find the solutions, they not only need the learning & education but also the meetings with the right service providers. Our event helps them with both.



  • 100 - 200 IP Counsel and Law Firm Partners

  • 15+ Exhibitors

  • 30+ Speakers

  • 10+ Bar Associations & Media Partners 

  • Keynote Addresses

  • Exclusive Case Study Presentations

  • Round Table Discussions

  • Business Dialogues

  • Qualified Business Lead

  • C Level Invitations Only

  • Unique Networking Opportunities

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Keynote Speaker
Keynote Speaker


(08:30 AM – 04:30 PM London Time)

* Program is subject to change without notice

08:30 AM – Onwards

Conference Registration

  • Networking Tea with Speakers & Delegates

  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors

08:45 AM – 09:00 AM

Introduction & Peer Networking

  • Event Introduction: Get to know the daylong exciting networking & learning opportunities

  • One-on-One Introduction: Let the industry know you and your expertise

09:00 AM – 09:30 AM

Morning Keynote Address 1

The Key Impacts of Covid-19 Coronavirus on Intellectual Property

  • How the pandemic is affecting disputes

  • Collaborations that are on the rise

  • The impact of Covid-19 coronavirus on contracts

  • The impact on regulations and what is involved in the fast-track approval process for Covid-19 coronavirus vaccines

  • Challenges for brand owners

Duncan Curley.jpg

09:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Morning Keynote Address 2

The Protection of Trade Secrets: A Key element to increase the value of IP rights

  • The requisites for protection of trade secrets in US and Europe;

  • The importance of the management of trade secrets in modern organization;  

  • The procedures in place to gather protection of trade secrets

  • The Trade Secrets Management Tool

Roberto Valenti.webp

Roberto Valenti

DLA Piper

10:00 AM – 10:20 AM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Marrying IP and Technology

Intellectual Property is more than just a legal right – intangible assets account for as much as 80% of the value of companies in the S&P, making IP one of their most valuable business assets. 
Technological innovation is fast paced and developers, engineers don’t stop in the middle of a creative process to inform Legal teams of their new discoveries, creations or ideas. 


  • So how can the legal teams keep up and make sure IP risks are under control ?  

  • How do they know they have the right processes in place to handle innovation? 

  • How to make sure they beat competition to secure those rights?

Philippe Thomas.jpg
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10:20 AM – 10:40 AM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation


The IP CONCURRENCES - Strategizing Business Priorities


The increased pressure from higher boards or the changing business dynamics demands growth, faster turn around times, better data and translational risk management as few among the strategic priorities for most of the IP heads or leaders. While efforts are being done to manage their times effectively, cost control also on the other hand need to compliment such efforts. The case study discusses few of such adopted strategies that help IP heads to maximize their ROI on time and efforts while meeting their priorities.

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10:40 AM – 11:20 AM

Informal Networking & Tea Break

  • Networking Tea with Speakers & Delegates

  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors

11:20 AM – 12:00 PM

Industry Leadership Session

IP Data Breaches — Identifying and Controlling Litigation Data that can Leave Your Company Exposed

  • Identifying threats: spotting vulnerability and areas of exposure

  • Measuring and improving the effectiveness of your current solutions

  • Closing the loop with a unified, end-to-end solution

  • Interfaces between IP and data protection law

  • Cyber theft of Intellectual Property

  • IP Management – more data, better quality

Giovanna Vigano.jpg

Giovanna Vigano

Senior Counsel,


Andrea Ruggieri.jpg

12:00 PM – 12:40 PM

Industry Leadership Session

International Arbitration & IP Disputes: Practical Tips and Best Strategies

  • International arbitration – recent significant issues

  • Arbitrating international IP disputes

  • Potential pitfalls and how to address them

  • Resolving multijurisdictional disputes in a single proceeding

  • Implications of COVID-19

  • Advantages/disadvantages of arbitration over the courts

Pavani Reddy.jpg

Pavani Reddy

Legal Director,
Clyde & Co LLP


Richard Milchior

Partner - Intellectual Property, Herald

Jamie Rowlands.jpg

Jamie Rowlands


Gowling WLG

Gareth Dickson.jpg

Gareth Dickson

IP Partner,

Taylor Vinters

12:40 PM – 01:00 PM

Group Networking & Business Card Exchange


Group networking & business card exchange is a great way to expand your network and develop new business relationships. In the group networking, participants are assigned to a sequence of tables. Each table seats a specific number of participants, depending on attendance (5-10). Each participant at the table can enjoy introductions & networking opportunities for 20 minutes

  • Short introductions & identification of "Who Is Who"

  • Exchange business cards: GCs, Law Firm Partners & Service Providers

  • Venture into industry specific discussions

  • Learn from other's experiences

  • Find ways to create wealth to your organization

  • Find solutions to your operational challenges

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

Informal Networking & Lunch Break

  • Networking Lunch with Speakers & Delegates

  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors

02:00 PM – 02:40 PM

Industry Leadership Session

Patenting Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Just a Playground for Tech Giants or Nerdy Startups?

  • What is an AI related invention?

  • How can we protect it and what are major national or regional differences?

  • Application strategies that meet your business goals

  • Protecting the output of AI


Rachel Free

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang, LLP

Gianluca Campus.jpg

Gianluca Campus

Head of Legal - Legal Tech and Digital Innovation,

Sky Italia

Matt Hervey.jpg

Matt Hervey

Head of Artificial Intelligence Law and IP Expert, Partner, Gowling WLG

Michael Williams1.jpg

Michael Williams

Partner, Software and AI Patent Attorney,

Marks and Clerk

02:45 PM – 04:00 PM

Leadership Round Table Discussion & Idea Exchange (In-Person & LIVE Online Session)


Participate in discussions around hot topics and burning issues with your colleagues that are unique to the legal environment. Peers gladly share ideas, strategies and best practices to assist you in addressing difficulties.

Discussion Topic & Details-

Transformation of IP, Patent, Trademark & Copyright: Major Shift to Enhance UK/Europe IP Industry

  • IP issues related to AI-generated content

  • The impact of the increased use of AI and its regulation on IP rights

  • AI in the fight against IP infringement

  • NFTs, cryptoassets and the metaverse

  • Online copyright infringement and the necessity for renewed legislation

  • Industry-specific focus on shifts in IP – the media industry and the built environment

  • The UPC – a perspective from countries within and outside of the new system

  • The UPC – Who will, or should, use the UPC?

  • Unlocking the potential of a patent portfolio

In-Person Speakers

Christine Maury Panis.png

Christine Maury Panis

EVP, General Counsel and Public Affairs,
Viaccess Orca


Helen Anderson

Interactive Legal Counsel, Accenture

Gianluca Campus.jpg

Gianluca Campus

Head of Legal - Legal Tech and Digital Innovation,

Sky Italia


Rebecca Lawrence

IP Lawyer (Patent Litigation), Partner, DLA Piper

Ian Rogers.jpg

Ian Rogers

Head of Intellectual Property

& Technology Law,


Huw Evans.jpg

Huw Evans

IP Partner in the Global IP Team, Gowling WLG