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Programme Schedule

Access our detailed programme and attend content rich Industry Sessions, Panel Discussions, Roundtables, Exclusive Case studies, Leadership learning labs and much more.

Network and partner with top experts and leaders from the Indian Legal industry.

Day Program


This event aims to bring together 200+ In-house Counsel, Law Firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals, Tech Vendors and Selected Service Providers. Each lawyer participant attends the event because he/she has some operational challenges to resolve such as: Litigation. IP. Technology. Software. GDPR. AI. E-discovery. Risk.Security. Compliance. Outsourcing (This list of challenges is only indicative, not exhaustive). In order to find the solutions, they not only need the learning & education but also the meetings with right service providers.

What is in the Agenda:

  • Keynote Address
  • Panel Discussions
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Tea and Lunch Breaks
  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors
  • Exhibitions


Agenda Detail


 ConfEx Agenda* (From 07:00 AM to 06:00 PM Indian Standard Time) 

07:00 AM – Onwards

Conference Registration

Informal Networking | 07:30 AM – 08:30 AM

  • Networking Tea with Speakers & Delegates
  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors

Morning Keynote Address | 08:30 AM – 10:45 AM

Morning Keynote Address 1 | 08:30 AM – 09:15 AM

AI, Cloud, and Security: Top Priorities for Enterprise Legal Departments & Law Firms

Every department within the enterprise is being exposed to innovation. The legal departments & law firms are no different. As legal professionals ready themselves for the latest requirements of the new economy and the new way to work, cutting edge software solutions in legal technology…can help them achieve their goals in AI, cloud and security.

  • Adoption and strategy
  • AI’s broader role in law
  • The future

Morning Keynote Address 2 | 09:15 AM – 10:00 AM

Becoming GDPR Compliant- Challenges to the Indian Legal Industry

One Year is going to pass where the GDPR, has come into force on May 25, 2018, should be a top priority for Indian Legal Industry if the company has operations in the EU. Experts will share the detailed information on the following key points-

  • What is the goal of GDPR?
  • What are the key aspects of GDPR?
  • What are the emerging requirements?
  • What can your company do to get ready for them?
  • How do you train your employees?
  • How is data storage done and who can access your database?
  • How easy is it to adapt and scale systems to the new regulations?


Morning Keynote Address 3 | 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

Compliance & Investigations in India: Evolving Anti-Corruption Landscape

  • Are we prepared for future Frauds, Black Money and Corruption?
  • How to overcome cultural challenges in rolling out an anti-corruption awareness?
  • Essential Elements of an Effective Compliance Program
  • Bribery, corruption risks to persist in 2019-20
  • Strengthening your due diligence and monitoring processes


Informal Networking | 10:45 AM – 11:15 AM

  • Networking Tea Break
  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors

Hall A: Legal, IP & Technology

11:15 AM – 11:55 AM | Leadership Learning Lab

Blockchain's Role in the Future of Legal & IP Industry

Blockchain could have a significant role to play in the Legal & IP (Intellectual Property) industry – if the industry can find a means to adopt the technology in the short and medium term. Experts will discuss on:

  • How Blockchain is revolutionizing the global legal ecosystem?
  • What is next for blockchain technology in the legal field?
  • Why will Blockchain transform the global economy?
  • Explore the new possibilities and implications of the blockchain
  • Why Blockchain challenges conventional thinking about Legal & Intellectual Property (IP)?
  • Blockchain and its application in the field of Legal & IP Industry

11:55 AM – 12:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Legal. IP. GDPR. Compliance. AI. Law Technology.

12:15 PM – 12:55 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Think Like a Fraudster: How to Design Fraud Risk Assessments?

Some of the key speaking points would include:

  • Auditors vs Fraudsters
  • Myth: Audits uncover fraud
  • Work Procedures vs. Investigative Methodologies
  • Conflict of Interest situations
  • Show me the money: Complementing legal advisors
  • How to hire the right experts?

12:55 PM – 01:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Legal. IP. GDPR. Compliance. AI. Law Technology.

HALL B: GDPR, Compliance & Technology

11:15 AM – 11:55 AM | Leadership Learning Lab

How GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) Helps Prepare Your Journey to GDPR?

  • What is GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) and why do you need it in GDPR?
  • What is key to a successful GRC implementation?
  • Why GDPR Must Be an Integral Part of Your GRC Framework?
  • The GDPR: Why you need to review your third-party service providers?
  • How GRC Works with Third Party Solution Provider under GDPR?
  • Structuring a governance and compliance framework for GDPR

11:55 AM – 12:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Legal. IP. GDPR. Compliance. AI. Law Technology.

12:15 PM – 12:55 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

GDPR: After One Year– What Do You Need to Know

  • What impact has the new data protection directive had on businesses so far?
  • How did the situation look like right before GDPR was enforced?
  • Top unexpected consequences of GDPR
  • Better Option to Minimize Privacy Risks and Maintain GDPR Compliance - Data Protection Officer (DPO) or Virtual CISO: Chief Information Security Officer?

12:55 PM – 01:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Legal. IP. GDPR. Compliance. AI. Law Technology.

Informal Networking | 01:15 PM – 02:05 PM

  • Networking Luncheon Break
  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors

02:05 PM – 02:45 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

IP Risk Management: India War on Data Theft

In this uncertain world of globalization and emerging markets, India’s economic and cultural growth is supported by a legal and regulatory framework developed to encourage significant local and international business creativity. Since the evolution of Intellectual Property (IP) Law over centuries, businesses have certainly started firmly establishing the concept. IP has now emerged as a commonplace in the world with an objective to Promote Progress. You will learn about:

  • Explore the importance of the decisions you make using intellectual property data
  • Discover how to be better equipped to increase productivity and become a strong resource to your business
  • Uncover evaluation techniques that could save you countless hours in IP analysis
  • Distill insights to your stakeholders and impact day-to-day business decisions

02:45 PM – 03:05 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Legal. IP. GDPR. Compliance. AI. Law Technology.

03:05 PM – 03:45 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

How Technology Transforming Document Review & eDiscovery Industry?

The rise of the technology and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) represent progress, and many applications of AI already touch many areas of our lives. So, it’s hardly surprising that AI is also continuing to impact eDiscovery in new ways. Of course, AI has already given birth to the whole field of Technology Assisted Review (TAR), leveraging machine learning techniques to revolutionize the Document Review process. Technology experts will explain how AI is now helping litigators improve how they perform all sorts of vital tasks:

  • Technology Assisted Review (TAR) in Document Review process.
  • Better understanding the data involved in legal matters and using that insight to drive a smarter eDiscovery process
  • Enhancing the document review management process and supporting legal teams to make the best use of review resources
  • Empowering stakeholders to make quick strategic decisions about legal matters, saving cost and delivering better business results

02:05 PM – 02:45 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

How to Turn GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation) into an Opportunity in 2019-20?

According to Forrester, “Every organization—regardless of its location—doing business with EU customers is need to make changes to its oversight, technology, processes, and people to comply with the new GDPR rules.” The real question is: How to turn the GDPR challenges into an opportunity?

Experts will explain what the GDPR means for your business, and how you should see this as a coming opportunity:

  • What does the new GDPR entail for Indian and Global Organizations?
  • How to implement required security measures
  • How to make your business profitable in the era of GDPR?
  • Evaluate control requirements mandated by the new legislation
  • Understand the financial and operational consequences of non-compliance
  • Raising awareness – getting buy-in across your organization
  • How GDPR can enable trusted relationships with your customers

02:45 PM – 03:05 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Legal. IP. GDPR. Compliance. AI. Law Technology.

03:05 PM – 03:45 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Re-evaluate Contract Management Strategy- GDPR Compliance

Experts will share the detailed information on the following key points-

  • Contract management has changed over time. How?
  • Keeps new and old contracts GDPR compliant
  • The connected contract: the future of contract management & eSignature
  • Contract Lifecyle Management – an ecosystem approach
  • Contract management platform in the cloud
  • Digital contracts as the new foundation of commerce
  • How technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) will help drive even greater contract compliance

Informal Networking | 03:45 PM – 03:55 PM 

  • Networking Tea Break
  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors

03:55 PM – 04:35 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Corporate Compliance: Preventive Strategies and Responsive Measures

  • Corporate governance and risk policy, strategy, controls, and reporting
  • Working with corporate boards to manage compliance
  • Creating a company-wide compliance strategy and team
  • The role of Risk and Audit Committees
  • Creating key performance and key risk indicators
  • Communicating with the Board

03:55 PM – 04:35 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Artificial Intelligence: Risk to IP & Non IP Lawyers’ Profession?

According to recent research released at the World Economic Forum (WEF), 5 million jobs are expected to be taken by robots by 2020 itself. Can you imagine the robots taking lawyers’ jobs? Technology doing the real lawyers’ work – robot lawyers?

  • What is Artificial Intelligence– connection with IP lawyers
  • What AI applications can do in the legal industry, besides document review and automation?
  • Can robots replace IP lawyers in reality? By 2050?
  • Can robots think and act like IP lawyers?
  • AI & automation for law firms?
  • Do you think people will accept AI especially in India?
  • What are the advantages of using the AI in terms of cost effectiveness for the IP lawyers? So far what is the negative impact?

04:35 PM – 05:15 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

Arbitration, Mediation and ADR in 2019-20

Alternative dispute resolution can be a godsend, or an absolute nightmare, for both practitioners and their clients. In this panel, experts point of discussion will include:

  • Model Clause: Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA)
  • How ADR Goes Wrong?
  • Effectively Using Experts to Succeed in Disputes
  • The availability of security for costs
  • The Commission's consultation on options for a multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution
  • ADR isn’t really all that different from litigation

04:35 PM – 05:15 PM | Leadership Learning Lab

GDPR Compliance and Role of Technology & AI

Technology’s role in data protection is the important link in GDPR transformation. GDPR technology experts will share the detailed information on the following key points:

  • Adopting GDPR technology framework- The role of advisors and vendors
  • What kinds of tools and assistance are available?
  • Technology operation challenges in the GDPR
  • Data protection impact assessments – understanding technology risk
  • Regulatory guidance on technology issues
  • Advantages of using automation For GDPR compliance

05:15 PM – 06:00 PM

Evening Happy Hours & Informal Networking

This ceremony will celebrate the presence of our speakers, key delegates and sponsors who made this event happen with their undaunting support and participation


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