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The Global Legal ConfEx and Global GDPR ConfEx aims to bring together 300+ In-house Counsel, Law Firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals, Tech Vendors and Selected Service Providers. Each lawyer participant attends the event because he/she has some operational challenges to resolve such as: Litigation. Technology.Software.E-discovery.Risk.Security.Compliance. Outsourcing (This list of challenges is only indicative, not exhaustive). In order to find the solutions, they not only need the learning & education but also the meetings with right service providers.

About GDPR ConfEx

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hovers over organizations like the sword of Damocles, with fines theoretically at an all-time high. Beyond that, there are, of course, many reasons to "get privacy", including consumer trust, employee satisfaction and proper ethics. Organizations are at different levels of preparation toward GDPR compliance. Join this ConfEx to make sure your organization is properly prepared and that you haven't overlooked any of the top 10 basic changes that need your attention.

Here you go with the past partial/sample list of key participants confirmed to attend this event.  

What is in the Agenda:

  • Keynote Address
  • Panel Discussions
  • Case Study Presentations
  • Exhibitions
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Private Luncheon
  • Tea and Lunch Breaks
  • Evening Cocktail
  • Informal Networking with Exhibitors
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Speakers Felicitation
  • Speakers Breakfast Meeting

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Agenda Detail

 ConfEx Agenda* (From 07:30 AM to 06:30 PM Indian Standard Time) 

07:30 AM – Onwards
Conference Registration 

Informal Networking | 08:00 AM – 08:45 AM

  • Speakers Breakfast Meetings
  • Pre-Scheduled One-on-One Business Meetings
Opening Keynote Address | 08:45 AM – 10:00 AM

Practical Legal/IP Risk, GDPR & Compliance Management Strategies for the Busy In-House Counsels & Law Firm Partners

Informal Networking | 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM 

  • Networking Tea Break
  • Pre-Scheduled One-on-One Business Meetings

Hall A – Law, IP & Technology

Hall B – GDPR,  Compliance & Technology

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM | Leadership Learning Lab**

The Future Of Law: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Revolutionizing the Indian Legal Industry?

Legal sector is the latest frontier for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to knock down. According to research, AI has become the new normal and has made seismic moves in possibly every aspect of our life, from media to retail and now self-driving vehicles. “The world is changing incredibly fast and some say we are living in the 4th industrial revolution.

  • So, what necessitates the migration to AI in legal sector?
  • How does AI work in legal sector?
  • Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) become the 'new normal' in Indian legal sector?
  • India seems to be on the right path for progress in AI, but what about its competitors?
  • Case predictions: can AI predict case outcomes?
  • Advisory services: can AI software assist clients with legal questions?

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM | Leadership Learning Lab**

How GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Bring Obligations As Well As Opportunities?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in May 2018, yet businesses remain largely unprepared. Given that GDPR is designed to protect EU residents’ data, regardless of where that data is collected, stored or processed, many non-EU companies will be subject to GDPR and need to understand their risk of exposure, and how they can mitigate that risk through evolving best data protection practice. Panelists will aim to cover:

  • GDPR: What is It and How Does it Impact My Business?
  • Who is affected? Some definitions
  • How does the GDPR help reduce costs?
  • Main obligations
  • Consequences of non-compliance
  • How Ongoing Staff Awareness Can Support Compliance
  • How much will the change in GDPR affect IP law?

11:45 AM – 12:05 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Legal Practice Management Solution - The Secrets of Tech-Innovation for Legal Teams

A complete Legal Practice Management Solution becomes crucial for Legal Teams in order to collaborate, track & control! With Legal Practice Management Solution, you'll access an easy & complete workspace tailored for Lawyers to:

  • Manage your Corporate Matters
  • Track & follow-up on your Litigation Cases
  • Collaborate on internal Tasks
  • Organize your channel of communication with your
  • Clients or other departments
  • Control your budget allocation & your Capacity
  • Generate your ultimate Reports & KPIs in one click

11:45 AM – 12:05 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

GDPR Use Cases – A Practical Approach: Demonstrating the key GDPR Scenarios

  • Policy & Compliance based on GDPR
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Risk Management
  • GRC & Security Framework

12:10 PM – 12:50 PM | Leadership Learning Lab**

Legal & Intellectual Property (IP) Rights in Today’s Digital Economy- Challenges & Protection

Digital transformation has become one of the main forces of innovation in the current legal economic model, identified as the Creative Economy, creating new Legal & IP rights and new business challenges & opportunities. Panelists will aim to cover:

  • Competition Law Challenges in a Digital Economy
  • Maintenance and management of Legal & IP rights
  • Business IP advisory for consistent and global IP strategies
  • IP Legal Compliance
  • Cross-border transaction and intercompany transfers involving IP
  • Administrative & judicial litigation of IP
  • What impact could technology have on the Vendor/Law Firm-client relationship?

12:10 PM – 12:50 PM | Leadership Learning Lab**

Is a Virtual CISO the Answer to Your GDPR Compliance Challenges?

For small to midsized organizations that must comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), lining up a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) could be the ideal way to ensure GDPR compliance—while also addressing a host of other vital issues around information security policies and controls. A vCISO can fulfill the DPO (Data Protection Officer) role for well under 25% of the cost of a full-time employee, and the associated risk of hiring the “wrong” person.

  • What is a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Virtual Executives and Their Role
  • How the GDPR is driving CISOs' agendas
  • Practical Advantages to a vCISO
  • How & Where Do I Get Started?
  • What US/UK IP Practitioners Should Know About GDPR and Personal Data Protection? 

12:55 PM – 01:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Patent Infringement: Everything You Need to Know

  • What Is Patent Infringement?
  • Understanding Patent Infringement Litigation
  • Willful vs. Unintentional Patent Infringement
  • Remedies & Penalties for Patent Infringement
  • Avoiding Patent Infringement
  • So Many Infringers, So Little Resources 

12:55 PM – 01:15 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Controllers & Processors: How The GDPR Assigns Responsibilities

  • An overview of the current regulatory landscape and the GDPR’s scope
  • The main responsibilities and obligations of controllers and processers
  • Data breach and incident response management obligations
  • The penalties and liabilities imposed on processers and controllers
  • The limitations and restrictions on appointing joint controllers and subcontracting processors

Informal Networking | 01:15 PM – 02:15 PM

  • Networking Luncheon Break
  • Private Luncheon with Key Participants
  • Pre-Scheduled One-on-One Business Meetings

02:15 PM – 02:55 PM | Leadership Learning Lab**

Mediation and Arbitration: Who Should be Doing What

Mediation is no longer a child and is now more like a teenager in the dispute resolution world. As with any teenager, relationships matter. Mediation’s relationship with other form of dispute resolution is now increasingly important.

  • Can mediation be effectively used in connection with arbitration? If so, at what stage?
  • How effective is mediation generally? In what circumstances or jurisdictions is it most effective?
  • Should companies include mediation clauses in their standard commercial contracts?
  • Is there a particular format best used for incorporating mediation into a dispute resolution clause?
  • Mediation: What Legal & IP In-House Counsels expects
  • Advantages/disadvantages of IP arbitration over the courts ip?

02:15 PM – 02:55 PM | Leadership Learning Lab**

Work With Third Party Solution Provider Under GDPR. How?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major overhaul of data protection and privacy laws. Organizations that collect the personal data of EU citizens or process that data are affected, wherever in the world they are based. Under the GDPR, subject companies are responsible for the readiness and conduct of third-party vendors that store or process EU customers’ personal information. You might be taking all the proper precautions internally, but if one of your vendors’ practices fails to comply; your organization could be on the hook for some significant fines. Panelists will aim to cover:

  • Third Party Security: Why It Matters in the GDPR discussion?
  • So how do you approach third-party security in a GDPR world?
  • The GDPR: Why you need to review your third-party service providers?
  • What should I do if I use third party solutions to handle data under GDPR?
  • How to work with a third party cloud based solution under GDPR?
  • Working with third parties such as private investigators and law firms
  • IP Rights vs. GDPR

03:00 PM – 03:20 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Procedure

  • What are appropriate and effective due diligence process for consultants and facilitators: How to run a full background check
  • The importance of open source information and due diligence
  • How to review services contracts, identify high risk areas, use contracts to eliminate the risks
  • How to deal with unclear payments and weak accounting systems
  • How to identify the underlying bribery payment during the audit and regular sample checking
  • Monitoring third party consultants
  • Role of internal audit/compliance teams

03:00 PM – 03:20 PM | Exclusive Case Study Presentation

GDPR Compliance and Role of Technology & AI

Technology’s role in data protection is the important link in GDPR transformation. GDPR technology experts will share the detailed information on the following key points:

  • Adopting GDPR technology framework- The role of advisors and vendors
  • What kinds of tools and assistance are available?
  • Technology operation challenges in the GDPR
  • Data protection impact assessments – understanding technology risk
  • Regulatory guidance on technology issues
  • Advantages of using automation For GDPR compliance
  • How Ensure Compliance At A Lower Cost

03:25 PM – 04:05 PM | Leadership Learning Lab**

How to Implement, Localize and Maintain an Effective Compliance Programme in Current India Anti-Corruption Landscape

  • How to build a more sustainable and proactive compliance programme
  • How to overcome cultural challenges in rolling out an anti-corruption awareness: balancing cultural norms and global policies
  • How to enhance local management and employee awareness about competitive realities
  • How to leverage technology and other innovative tools to efficiently detect and control risks
  • How to control unclear payments in the E-commerce world ?

03:25 PM – 04:05 PM | Leadership Learning Lab**

How GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) Helps Prepare Your Journey to GDPR?

  • What is GRC (Governance, Risk Management & Compliance) and why do you need it in GDPR?
  • What is key to a successful GRC implementation?
  • Why GDPR Must Be an Integral Part of Your GRC Framework?
  • Obligations based on Risk
  • What is a GRC tool/solution and what does it do?
  • How to staying ahead of the competition with next-generation GRC programs and technology?

04:05 PM – 04:15 PM
Coffee and Tea Break - Informal Networking with Exhibitors

04:15 PM – 05:00 PM 

Interaction With Key Experts Through LIVE Q&A Session

05:00 PM – 06:30 PM

Evening Happy Hours & Informal Networking

This ceremony will celebrate the presence of our speakers, key delegates and sponsors who made this event happen with their undaunting support and participation-

  • Awards Ceremony
  • Speakers Felicitation
  • Evening Cocktail Reception

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  • * Program is subject to change without notice
  • ** Panel Discussion Format


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