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These FAQs will help you understand the entire process of hosting Virtual Q&A Sessions & Webinars.

Frequently asked questions - Virtual Q&A Session and Webinar

What is a Webinar?

Webinar is an online event usually conducted for about 30-60 minutes. It comprises of speakers from Service Provider organizations with or without having any GC or Law firm Partner as the co-speaker. It is an excellent opportunity for branding, demonstrating the products or services, meeting people virtually and addressing to their questions at the end.

What is Virtual Q&A Session?

This is a uniquely designed questions and answers format session whereby the delegates can ask questions online from the speakers. Speakers turn on their cameras and consult them with the solutions based on their expertise. This session takes place multiple times during the online event. This also takes place after the Webinar (separate from the main online event).

For a sponsor, will the webinar be done pre-event, after the event or during?

Webinar is a small and separate event from the main Legal ConfEx. It can therefore be organized either pre-event or post event based on our mutual understanding. We propose the available dates and you select.

Who attends a webinar?

The General Counsel, In-house Legal Managers, Law firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals and Service Providers are usually invited to attend any webinar.

How many delegates join the webinar under normal circumstances?

Based on the webinar subject, speakers and timings, the delegates can range from 20 to 50 each webinar.

Which locations do the delegates join from?

The delegates can join from any of the following regions: APAC. Middle East & Africa. UK & Europe. USA & Canada.

How do I select my webinar speakership subject?

Unless otherwise discussed, you can propose your own subject and bullets to speak in the webinar.

What is my role for the webinar?

If it is a sponsored webinar by your company, you need to provide us with the speakership subject and speaker details. We live the webinar details on our website, invite delegates, brand your company on all social media platforms, and host the webinar for you. Please see some of the upcoming Webinars lined up for our sponsors here:

Can I have my client as my co-speaker in the webinar?

Yes. We recommend that.

Will the webinar be pre-recorded or live?

We recommend a live webinar session. However, based on your convenience, we are fine with the pre-recorded presentation too.

How do I test my audio-video set up before I start speaking live in the webinar?

Our teams assist you at several stages including inviting you to re-test your audio-video set up at least 15 mins in advance of your live webinar event. The process is easy.

Is it mandatory to have my power point presentation used in the webinar?

No. We recommend PPT. However, we can also suggest different formats for your webinar such as: Interview (Virtual Q&A Session), Your Product Demo Session, Client Discussions, Case Study Presentations, etc based on your business objectives.

Is there any registration fee for attending the webinar?


Can I invite my colleagues and friends to attend the Webinar?

Yes. You can simply share the link, and they can register at their convenience.

Will I or my colleagues receive any login details to attend the Webinar?

Yes. After registration, everyone receives the login details by email close to the event.

How can I get the access of my webinar recordings?

Once the event gets over, if requested, we send you the recordings link.

What is the overall process during the webinar?

First, the event host introduces the event. Then the host requests the speakers to introduce themselves. After the introduction for about 05 minutes, the speakers run their presentation live for about 20-30 minutes. Post that, the host opens the session for delegates to ask the questions for about 10-15 minutes.

How does a delegate ask a question?

There are 03 options: (1): In advance of the webinar, the delegates are encouraged to fill a form and ask questions. (2): During the webinar, they can put the questions in the chat box for the speakers to answer at the end. (3): At the end of the webinar, the delegates are invited to ask questions by turning on their cameras.

Is it mandatory for the speakers to turn on their camera?

No. However, we recommend that. They can showcase their presentation with either camera on or off at their ease.

Can the poll be organized?


Can people ask questions during the webinar?

Yes. We recommend that. This is a proven method for your Virtual Meetings.

Do we have the chat option in the webinar?


Do people turn on camera during the webinar?

We recommend that. However, it is completely their prerogative.