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Global LPO Conference, New York City, 15-16 June 2011

Global LPO Conference, New York City, 15-16 June 2011

Global LPO Conference, New York City, 15-16 June 2011

Global LPO Conference, U.S. – Buyers and Vendors Meet 2011

We are brainstorming your next big idea. Our purpose is to give our clients the relationships and big ideas to do different and better business. We have been doing it for years.

We want you to come away from this conference with five big ideas and five new key contacts for your company. That’s how we contribute to the legal offshoring community we serve. Around the world.
Lawyering today is of higher quality than ever before in history. One reason is that law firms are more efficient in delivering services. But a challenge remains for legal profession to resolve basic difficulties: to adapt to changing social values and revolutionary technology; to reorganize itself in such a way as to provide more effective, real and affordable access to legal advice for the growing and changing composition of our society and the legal profession.

On the cost front, law firms are under increasing pressure to produce more for less. To achieve this, firms are willing to put everything on the table including outsourcing and automation of key business processes. A growing number of businesses are offering an alternative to traditional firm structure – and gaining ground – as corporations confidently also are hiring non-law-firm lawyers to do higher-level duties.

With the growth of the firm culture and the globalization of lawyer services, it has been argued that outsourcing has become a part of the legal profession, so outsourcing’s standard legal level of quality and quantity also are growing. Of course, not all areas of work can be outsourced. For the business of law, structure and size, innovations, and the people who work for the law firms are a major part of discussions.

It is quite a tall order. Are we up to it?

To help us meet these challenges, please join us at the Global LPO Conference in the U.S. – Buyers and Vendors Meet 2011. This conference will help harness the incredible power and thrift of outsourcing law firms’ concerns.

Around the world, stirred by the recession, global law firm partners and general counsel have realized that the time has come for them to source legal work through different ways. Many of these changes are driven by the growing need for most clients to secure more legal services at less cost. As that need has become more pressing, offshoring becomes correspondingly stronger.

A common platform is required to educate global lawyers and general counsel to help them understanding the complexities involved in offshoring legal work. Recently, this very required platform was gifted by KPO Consultants through Global LPO Conference 2010, India and Global LPO Conference 2011, UK to the industry insiders enabling them to discuss the burning issues in the legal process outsourcing industry and to find the solutions for the smooth functioning of the business.

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