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Events 4 Sure


We are excited to announce the launch of our new "Events 4 Sure Community" that offers General Counsel, IP Counsel, and top-level in-house lawyers a platform to connect and collaborate with each other. The community provides an avenue for members to engage in virtual discussions, networking events, and knowledge-sharing sessions, as well as gain access to valuable resources and insights from industry experts. Our goal is to create a supportive and collaborative community that empowers legal professionals to stay informed, connected, and equipped to tackle the challenges of the current business landscape.

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This community is dedicated to providing Legal Intelligence, GC Networking, and Free GC to GC Consultancy, enabling Legal & IP departments to make better-informed decisions, identify opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.

To achieve this goal, we are dedicated to creating networking platforms that are tailored to the needs of General Counsel, and we are continually investing in our members, services, technology, capabilities, and partnerships around the globe.

Only the following professionals can become a member of this community:

Only professionals such as General Counsel, IP Counsel, Head of Legal/IP Dept., Legal Manager, IP Manager, Data Privacy Officer, Risk Manager, Compliance Officer, Legal Tech Professional, Litigation Head, E-discovery Manager, Contract Manager, and Other In-house Lawyers are eligible to become a member of this community.

As a member, you will be part of a peer-driven community consisting of a large number of highly qualified senior-level General Counsel leaders who focus on connecting with like-minded professionals and gathering forward-thinking insights to advance their organization's agendas. Members have access to proven best practices, network with thought leaders, and tap into new resources to drive results.

  • Events 4 Sure Community – Membership Benefits (GC Exclusive):

    • Membership in the Events 4 Sure Community offers exclusive benefits to General Counsel, including access to over 50 online events such as virtual events, webinars, and round table discussions, as well as 20+ offline events and 100+ on-demand recordings. Members can also take advantage of speaking opportunities at events, GC-focused training, masterclasses, and workshops, industry and practice area-focused networking, and regional and international networking across Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Middle East, UK/EU, USA, and other locations. Additionally, members can enhance their brand visibility through speakership, content publication, and promotions, and solve real-life problems by connecting with peer GCs worldwide through the GC Forum.

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Gold US$ 99

This is a yearly subscription of our offerings

  • Events 4 Sure Community – Membership Benefits (GC Exclusive):

    • 50+ Online Events Access: Virtual Events. Webinars. Round Table Discussions.

    • 20+ Offline Events Access

    • 100+ On Demand Recordings

    • Speakership Opportunity in Events

    • GC focused Training, Masterclasses & Workshops

    • GC Networking: Industry Focused. Practice Area Focused.

    • GC Networking: Regional & International (Africa. Asia. Australia. Canada. Middle East. UK/EU. USA. Others)

    • Brand Visibility: Speakership, Contents Publication & Promotions

    • GC Forum: Solve Real Life Problems by Connecting with Peer GCs Worldwide

Become a Member

Become a Member


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