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Intellectual Property (IP) ConfEx


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(Guaranteed Introductions & One on One Meetings)

Rechtsstreit. E-Discovery. Vertragsverwaltung. Dokumenten-Management. Datenprivatsphäre. Internet-Sicherheit. Risiko. Beachtung. Führung. Regulatorische Angelegenheiten. Schiedsverfahren. Streitbeilegung. Forensische Untersuchungen. Betrug & Korruption. Wirtschaftskriminalität. M&A. Juristische Übersetzung. Cloud Computing. Blockchain. KI. Rechtstechnologie.
  • Chief Intellectual Property Officer

  • Chief IP Counsel

  • Chief Technology and IP Strategist

  • Director of IP Strategy

  • VP, IP & General Counsel

  • Senior IP Counsel

  • Principal IP Counsel

  • Lead IP Counsel

  • Head of Intellectual Property

  • Head of IP Enforcement

  • Chief Patent Counsel

  • Director, Patents and Innovation

  • Director of Patent Litigation

  • Senior Patent Counsel

  • Head of Patent Policy

  • Lead Counsel, Brand and Marketing

  • Director of Trademark and Brand Protection

  • Senior Trademark Counsel

  • Technology Licensing Manager

  • Trademark Manager

  • Law Firm Partner

Conference Break Time
Conference Mingling

The Global Intellectual Property (IP) ConfEx is a premier event scheduled to take place on October 23, 2024, in New York, USA, gathering a diverse group of professionals from across the country for learning and networking.

Key Features:

  • Keynote Speeches: Industry leaders will share insights on current trends and future directions in the field.

  • Case Study Presentations: Real-world case studies will offer practical solutions and strategies.

  • Interactive Roundtable Discussions: Participants will delve into pressing issues and innovative practices through in-depth discussions.

  • Introductions and One-on-One Meetings: Opportunities for personalized networking with peers and industry experts.

  • Exhibitions: Showcase of the latest tools, technologies, and services in the industry.

Attendees will enrich their knowledge, expand their professional network, and discover new business opportunities at the ConfEx.


Events 4 Sure & GeneralCounsel360 have assembled a distinguished lineup of global thought leaders, featuring in-house lawyers from multinational corporations across diverse industries worldwide. These esteemed speakers will share invaluable perspectives, contributions, and guidance. Attendees can anticipate gaining profound insights from experts as they delve into key topics outlined in the program agenda.

Motivational Speaker
Rabiya Kader.png

Rabiya Kader

Global Head of IP,

Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Shani Karantzalis.png

Shani Karantzalis

Intellectual Property Support Manager, Barcade

Donald Prutzman.png

Donald Prutzman


Tannenbaum Helpern Syracuse & Hirschtritt LLP

Joshua Goldberg.png

Joshua Goldberg

Co-Managing Partner,

Nath, Goldberg & Meyer

Hanna Madbak.jpg

Hanna Madbak

Senior Director of IP Management,

Alex Locke.png

Alex Locke

General Counsel,


Anna Brook.png

Anna Brook


Culhane Meadows PLLC

Dana Hayter.png

Dana Hayter


Potomac Law Group, PLLC

Ajita Abraham.png

Ajita Abraham

VP, Global Head of Commercial, CLM, IP and Privacy,


James Black.png

James Black

Partner & General Counsel,

Falcon Rappaport & Berkman LLP

Joe Farco.png

Joe Farco

Intellectual Property Partner,

Norris McLaughlin

Dina Blikshteyn.png

Dina Blikshteyn

Partner | AI Practice Co-Chair,

Haynes and Boone, LLP

Kristin Meister.png

Kristin Meister

Senior Counsel,


Irah Donner.png

Irah Donner


Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP

Michael Kurzer.png

Michael Kurzer


Vinson & Elkins


(Guaranteed Introductions & One on One Meetings)

(08:00 AM – 05:25 PM Local Time)

08:00 AM – Onwards

Conference Registration

  • Networking tea with speakers & delegates.

  • Informal networking with exhibitors.

08:45 AM – 09:00 AM

Introductions: Connecting Speakers, Participants, and Exhibitors

  • Enhance familiarity by introducing yourself to everyone in the conference hall.

  • Get to know each other and distinguish participants.

  • Utilize designated timeframes to freely exchange business cards and explore new opportunities.

09:00 AM – 09:40 AM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions

Conversations with Chief IP Officers: Illuminating Insights and Perspectives

  • Understanding the Strategic Role of Intellectual Property (IP) in Driving Business Success

  • Exploring Emerging Trends and Challenges Shaping the IP Landscape

  • Harnessing Innovation and Creativity: Strategies for Effective IP Leadership

  • Navigating Global Intellectual Property Regulations and Legal Considerations

  • Leveraging Insights from Industry Leaders to Shape Future IP Strategies


Rabiya Kader, Global Head of IP, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

Dina Blikshteyn, Partner | AI Practice Co-Chair, Haynes and Boone, LLP

Shani Karantzalis, Intellectual Property Support Manager, Barcade

09:40 AM – 10:00 AM

Keynote Address

IP Management Software: Features, Benefits, and Selection Criteria

10:00 AM – 10:40 AM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions 

Artificial Intelligence in Patent Law Practice: Enhancing Efficiency and Innovation

  • Utilizing AI-driven tools for Prior Art Search and Patentability Analysis to streamline the patent examination process.

  • Enhancing Patent Drafting and Prosecution through AI-powered algorithms for generating comprehensive claims and responses.

  • Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) for automated patent portfolio management and monitoring.

  • Improving IP Due Diligence and Patent Valuation with AI-driven analytics and predictive modeling.

  • Exploring Ethical and Regulatory Implications of AI adoption in patent law practice, and strategies for responsible implementation.

10:40 AM – 11:00 AM

Keynote Address

Cloud-Based Solutions for IP Document Management and Collaboration

11:00 AM – 11:20 AM

Informal Networking & Tea Break

  • Networking tea with speakers & delegates.

  • Informal networking with exhibitors.

11:20 PM – 12:00 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions


Patenting AI Innovations: Safeguarding Data Privacy and Cybersecurity


  • Tackling Data Privacy Concerns in AI Patent Applications

  • Integrating Cybersecurity into AI Patenting Procedures

  • Harmonizing Innovation with Data Privacy Safeguards in AI Technologies

  • Addressing Legal and Ethical Dimensions of Patenting AI Innovations

  • Utilizing Patent Strategies to Fortify AI Systems against Cyber Threats

12:00 AM – 12:10 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 

Ensuring IP Compliance in a Regulatory Environment: Key Considerations for Businesses

12:10 PM – 12:50 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions


Convergence of IP and Cybersecurity: Understanding Risks and Strategies for Protection


  • Identifying Vulnerabilities: Exploring Intersections Between Intellectual Property Assets and Cyber Threats.

  • Data Protection Strategies: Safeguarding IP Assets from Cybersecurity Breaches and Data Theft.

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring Alignment of IP Practices with Cybersecurity Standards and Regulations.

  • Incident Response Planning: Developing Protocols to Address Cybersecurity Incidents Impacting IP Assets.

  • Collaborative Solutions: Engaging Cross-Functional Teams to Implement Comprehensive Protection Measures for IP and Cybersecurity Integration.

12:50 PM – 01:00 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 

Navigating Cybersecurity Risks in IP Transactions: Effective Due Diligence and Mitigation Strategies

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

Informal Networking & Lunch Break

  • Networking lunch with speakers & delegates.

  • Informal networking with exhibitors.

02:00 PM – 02:40 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions


Securing Trade Secrets: Safeguarding Confidentiality in the Digital Age


  • Strengthening Cybersecurity Defenses for Digital Trade Secret Protection

  • Crafting Comprehensive Strategies for Safeguarding Trade Secrets in Remote Work Settings

  • Navigating Legal Terrain: Enforcing Trade Secret Protections in the Digital Era

  • Mitigating Insider Threats and Data Breach Risks to Preserve Confidentiality

  • Harnessing Encryption and Access Controls for Enhanced Trade Secret Security in Digital Environments

02:40 PM – 02:50 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 

Innovative Technologies for Securing Trade Secrets: Strategies and Solutions

02:50 PM – 03:30 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions


Harmonizing IP Strategies with Corporate ESG Goals: Opportunities and Challenges


  • Discovering Alignment Between Intellectual Property (IP) and Corporate ESG Objectives

  • Harnessing IP Assets to Propel Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Endeavors

  • Integrating ESG Factors into the Development and Management of IP Strategies

  • Overcoming Obstacles and Seizing Opportunities in Aligning IP Strategies with ESG Goals

  • Achieving Optimal Value Creation through Integrated IP and ESG Strategies

03:30 PM – 03:40 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 

Harnessing Big Data Analytics for IP Portfolio Management: Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making

03:40 PM – 04:20 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions


Trademark Dynamics in the Digital Era: Navigating Disruption and Brand Identity


  • Evolving Trademark Strategies for Digital Transformation: Responding to Emerging Technologies and Online Platforms

  • Safeguarding Brand Identity Amidst Digital Disruption: Essential Trademark Considerations and Strategies

  • Maximizing Trademarks for Digital Marketing and Enhanced Brand Engagement in 2024

  • Addressing Trademark Challenges in Emerging Technologies: AI, IoT, and Blockchain

  • Navigating Trademark Evolution: Harmonizing Innovation with Brand Preservation in the Digital Terrain


Kristin Meister, Senior Counsel, IDEMIA

04:20 PM – 04:30 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 

Enhancing Trademark Monitoring and Enforcement with Digital Platforms and Tools

04:30 PM – 04:40 PM

Informal Networking & Tea Break

  • Networking tea with speakers & delegates.

  • Informal networking with exhibitors.

04:40 PM – 05:20 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions

Ethical Considerations in IP Litigation Management: Professional Standards and Practices

  • Upholding Ethical Conduct in IP Litigation: Ensuring Professional Responsibilities

  • Safeguarding Client Confidentiality and Attorney-Client Privilege in IP Cases

  • Managing Conflicts of Interest and Upholding Duty of Loyalty in IP Litigation

  • Navigating Ethical Challenges in Discovery, Evidence Handling, and Expert Witness Testimony

  • Fostering Integrity and Fairness in Negotiations, Settlements, and Court Proceedings within IP Litigation

05:20 PM – 05:25 PM

Thank You Note & Closing Remarks

Thank you note in the presence of all speakers, sponsors & global delegates who made this event happen with their undaunting support and participation.

*Program and Timings are subject to change without notice.

**A collaborative round table discussion is a group conversation format where individuals from different backgrounds and experiences come together to discuss a specific topic or issue. Unlike traditional presentations or lectures, where one person is the  primary speaker, round table discussions encourage all participants to share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives

Abstract Background


Our event follows the “Speed Networking Meetings Format” which offers an unparalleled opportunity to forge new relationships, gather unique perspectives, and explore key issues that are of interest.

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If you need customized or exclusive speakership/speed networking services, please fill the form:

Our teams shall assist you promptly with further details.

*Jeder Delegiertenpass beinhaltet:


  • Ein (1) Zugangspass zu allen Keynote-Sitzungen, Fallstudienpräsentationen, Podiumsdiskussionen und Diskussionen am runden Tisch für Führungskräfte und zum Ideenaustausch

  • One (1) Access Pass to Morning One-on-One Introduction: Informieren Sie die Branche über Sie und Ihr Fachwissen

  • Ein (1) ConfEx-Delegierten-Kit + Zugang zur Ausstellungshalle

  • Conference Networking Tea Break und Luncheon Pass

  • Gelegenheit zum Netzwerken mit Rednern, wichtigen Teilnehmern und Ausstellern

  • Zugang zu Konferenz-Wissensmaterial, Geschenken und Präsentationen (basierend auf Genehmigung)

  • ConfEx-Teilnahmeurkunde (PDF)

  • Interaktion mit allen Rednern durch LIVE-Q&A-Sitzung


"I'd like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the invitation to the Global Legal ConfEx yesterday. From attending insightful sessions throughout the day to witnessing excellent organization, remarkable content, and captivating speakers, the event exceeded expectations. The networking opportunities were also exceptional. Thank you for extending the invitation; it was a truly valuable experience."


Danielle Carr

Senior Associate, SCA ONTIER LLP, UK

"I had the pleasure of attending the Dubai ConfEx for the second time and I must say it was extremely well-organized. There were numerous professionals to connect with from the GDPR field, and I obtained many high-quality leads. I would definitely love to attend such events in the future."


Samira Taourit

MEA Marketing coordinator, 
Dilitrust, France

"The conference kicked off on a positive note with everyone introducing themselves, and David Kappos' captivating and informative opening speech was a standout moment. The remarkable level of organization played a pivotal role in the conference's overall success. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended and eagerly anticipate future events of the same caliber."


Roberto Valenti


DLA Piper, Italy


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