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These FAQs will help you understand the entire process of hosting Online Events.

  • How is the Online Event being Organized?
    We organize this conference online and use FLOOR ( as our platform for all sessions. There are 4 primary sections on the event website on the day of the event: Stage/Sessions: Here is where all the sessions are made live. You will be able to see all the sessions one by one just like a conference. There is no option of rewinding or forwarding the sessions on the day of the event but once the event is over, the same session is available as an on-demand video that you can rewind and forward. Virtual Exhibition (Booths): This is the section where you will find all our virtual exhibitors and their booths. You will be able to download thoughtware, case studies, articles and various other collateral from our sponsors and you will also be able to contact/meet them via their Front Desk & Board Room. Networking Lounge: This special section has been created to give a feel of the networking lounge of an in-person event. You will be able to join or ask questions to the particular group or you can call or video call with a person in the meeting table room depending on their acceptance. Handout Bag (Download Thoughtware): This section is designed for people to download interesting and thought-provoking collateral from not just our sponsors but also from our speakers and delegates. In case you have something powerful to share with the audience, please send it to us on We will evaluate it and if selected, will showcase it in the Handout Bag section.
  • What kind of Online Networking Opportunities are being offered?
    We understand the interest of our sponsors and participants. We therefore offer several uniquely designed online networking opportunities such as: Online Networking Lounge, where attendees can come and start chatting with other attendees & speakers of their interest. Virtual Q&A Session Lead Generation & Contact Development Assistance in Virtual Exhibition Section. Fix 1:1 Virtual Meetings: Hosting Your Exclusive Webinars (separate from main event): Get Connected with Potential Buyers “Asking A Question”: Data Access subject to approval.
  • What is 1:1 Virtual Meeting service and how can I fix it?
    This is a uniquely designed 1:1 Virtual Meeting service available to any General Counsel, In-house Lawyer, Law firm Partner & Law Tech Professional anywhere in the world. No cost involved. You are simply supposed to select the company you want to virtually meet by filling up the form here: As soon as, you fill the form, we connect you with them by email.
  • What is Virtual Q&A Session?
    This is a uniquely designed questions and answers format session whereby the delegates can ask questions online from the speakers. Speakers turn on their cameras and consult them with the solutions based on their expertise. This session takes place multiple times during the online event. This also takes place after the Webinar (separate from the main online event).
  • What is “Ask A Question” Service?
    This is a uniquely designed “Ask A Question” service available to any General Counsel, In-house Lawyer, Law firm Partner & Law Tech Professional anywhere in the world. No cost involved. You are simply supposed to fill this form by asking your relevant question: As soon as, you fill the form, we connect you with the relevant service providers / tech vendors by email. You exchange your communication separately thereafter.
  • If my sales representatives are attending the ConfEx, what is their role?"
    They can enjoy the conference sessions. They can also virtually meet the attendees in networking lounge to develop contacts. Additionally, they can also address to the queries being raised by attendees during the virtual Q&A sessions.
  • Where can I see the agenda and existing speakers for the event?
    Please see the event theme, detailed agenda program, timings, existing speakers, sponsors, etc on the respective event website. You can see all upcoming events here: Should you still have any more questions, let us know at: We shall be pleased to assist.
  • Where will the event be held?
    This is an online event. You do not have to travel to any specific location. You can participate from your convenient location. The virtual event is accessible from computer, mobile and tablet devices.
  • How do I log-in on the day of the virtual event?
    Your login details will be emailed to you in advance of the event. You can use those details to access the online event.
  • Do I need to download or install any software to be able to attend this virtual event?
    You do not need to download or install any software to attend. It’s web-based, so all you will need is a computer / mobile / tablet device and an internet connection.
  • Will I be able to take away any documents or files from the virtual event?
    Yes. You will be able to access the event material through our Handout Bag section.
  • Can I invite my colleagues and friends to attend the virtual event?
    Absolutely. Based on the service package, you can invite your colleagues to attend the event. Simply share the link, and they can register at their convenience. Our teams send them the login details close to the event.
  • How can I get the access of Event Session Recordings?
    Once the event gets over, we send you the recordings link subject to approval from speakers.
  • Can I see the image gallery of previously held online event?
    Yes. Please see it here:
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