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Aditi Chopra

Director and Legal Counsel, 
Microsoft Corporation

“lt’s a great platform to bring people from diverse and different legal fields. The fact that you mix and infuse the different people with diverse perspectives gives us a very enriching experience.”

Arthur Lallement.jpg

Arthur Lallement 

IP Manager,

"The speakers were of a high caliber, the topics discussed were engaging, and the table settings facilitated discussions with other attendees. Additionally, the venue location was convenient, and the coordination by the event execution team was exemplary."

Renata Berzanskiene.jpg

Renata Berzanskiene

General Counsel,
ORLEN Lietuva

"Your selection of topics is consistently excellent, and I'm grateful for the invitation to participate. Best wishes for your future events!"

Ragini Jain.jpg

Ragini Jain

Innovation and IP Manager,
Cambridge GaN Devices

"The venue's location was superb, and the event was executed flawlessly. The speakers brought a wealth of experience, and the innovative methods of engaging everyone were noteworthy. The topics were diverse and well-explained, covering various aspects of the IP world. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the conference."


Wendy Robinson

Senior Advisor,

“Thank you, Events 4 Sure team, to organize such a wonderful event. This is the first in-person conference with a lot of attendance today. We really have got value for money and have also made fantastic connections with top level General Counsel and Law firm Partners for our business development objectives. Social media campaigns have been robust.”


Jaroslaw M. Jankowski

Lead Counsel Asia and Regional Compliance Officer Asia, Siemens Logistics

"Attending this conference has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I commend the exceptional organization. The selected topics were of high quality, leaving me eager to attend next year's event."

Nafisa Feeney.png

Nafisa Feeney

Chief Compliance Officer, MLRO, Head of Legal, Paynt Limited

"In summary, I found the Global GRC, Data Privacy & Cyber Security ConfEx to be excellently coordinated and enlightening. It offered valuable networking prospects and provided insightful perspectives."

Grace Makungu.jpg

Grace Makungu 

Trainee Solicitor,
TWM Solicitors LLP

"The speakers were top-notch, with a great variety of panelists, and the topic was truly excellent and well-focused. The execution team demonstrated excellence, being highly responsive over emails, and the venue staff were notably helpful and friendly. Overall, this event was excellent. As an aspiring commercial and IP lawyer, I eagerly anticipate being part of it again next year!"

Enrico Bonadio.jpg

Enrico Bonadio

Reader in intellectual property law, City, University of London

"The event service was highly commendable, with an excellent meeting format and qualified speakers. The execution of the event was also very effective, contributing to a positive overall experience. I look forward to attending future events as well. "


Thomas George

Senior Director, Patent 
Samsung Research America, USA

"I had a great time as a speaker at the Global IP Confex in San Francisco, where I spoke about the 2017 USPTO Patent Plans. If you're looking for speakers in the San Francisco or Silicon Valley areas for future events, please feel free to contact me for potential speaking opportunities."


Roberto Valenti

Partner, DLA Piper, Italy

"The conference kicked off on a positive note with everyone introducing themselves, and David Kappos' captivating and informative opening speech was a standout moment. The remarkable level of organization played a pivotal role in the conference's overall success. I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended and eagerly anticipate future events of the same caliber."

Jacqueline Laing.jpg

Dr. Jacqueline Laing

Barrister, High Court of Australia, Solicitor, England & Wales

"The conference was an outstanding experience for me. It was impeccably organized, ran seamlessly, and took place in a perfect setting. The seminars led by industry experts were exceptional, offering valuable insights. The sponsors contributed fascinating resources that were both interesting and beneficial. Overall, it was a remarkable event that left a lasting impression."


Suresh Nair

Cyber Security Leader, General Electronics, Turkey

"Everything was well organized, from arranging proper meetings rooms, conference halls to one-on-one meetings. The best part of this event was “topics” which were very precise and current. The panel discussions were pretty good. Secondly, I liked the most was the private luncheon meetings wherein people from diverse industry domains participated. Companies with similar interests were being sat together and had good discussions on trending topics."


Gavin Ingram

General Counsel Asia Pacific / VP Strategic Planning, Global Blue Service Company Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore

"I had a fantastic experience at the Singapore Global Legal ConfEx. The conference was extremely well-run and organized, and the thought leaders provided valuable insights on key technology and data issues for legal and compliance professionals. I would highly recommend this conference to anyone in the industry."


Alex Adewunmi

Business Development Director, EMEA & MENA, Global Lingo

"I believe that the event has been beneficial for our business as we have received many potential leads. We are satisfied with the quality of leads we have received thus far."


Tony Thiaray

Legal Director, London City Airport, UK

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the event, as it provided valuable insights and information. It was well-organized and allowed me to connect with other professionals in my field. I look forward to attending future events like this one."


Laura Martino

Associate General Counsel, Compliance & Privacy, Global Jet Capital, USA

"I had a delightful experience participating in this event, and I would be honored to be invited again next year. Thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity and creating a memorable experience."

ferras el hajjar.jpg

Ferras El Hajjar

Founder and CEO, App4Legal

"I am delighted to have had the opportunity to meet legal practitioners and experts in the industry at this event. Sponsoring the Events 4 Sure event was a pleasure, and I appreciated the chance to gather with leaders from the top of the legal industry. Sharing knowledge with them was an awesome experience."

Rajkumar Manickam1.jpg

Rajkumar Manickam

Regional Sales Director,
(South Asia), Exterro Inc.

"We've had a long-standing partnership with Events 4 Sure and have collaborated on numerous events. This platform has provided an excellent opportunity for Exterro and other technology companies to showcase our products, demonstrating how we can assist organizations in solving data privacy and legal challenges. We're delighted by the audience's positive response and the growing maturity of data privacy in India. We're grateful to Events 4 Sure and look forward to future successful events together. Thank you!"


Hiranmai Rallabandi

General Counsel,

"I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Events 4 Sure for organizing the remarkable Global Legal ConfEx. This conference is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering valuable insights from experienced General Counsels, law firms, and technology experts. It is an exceptional platform for both aspiring and seasoned legal professionals to learn, network, and seek guidance. These conferences play a pivotal role in staying updated with industry trends and equipping oneself to navigate challenges. Overall, it has been an enriching experience. Thank you."


Nilesh Kumar

Group General Counsel, Modi Group, India

"I would like to congratulate all the participants for their excellent contributions to this event, and a special congratulations goes to Events 4 Sure for their hard work in organizing and ensuring its success. The speakers on stage today were among the most reputable individuals in the industry, and it was a great opportunity to participate and share unique perspectives on various issues. Best wishes to all!"


Akshay Doshi

Vice President, Business,


"We recently spoke at the Events 4 Sure Global Legal ConfEx. It was a fantastic experience, and many attendees approached us afterward to discuss implementing SpotDraft Contract Automation and Management Software technologies ideas in their own firms. This event provided an excellent opportunity to connect with similar-minded professionals."


Nitin Shah

Partner, IT Advisory Services, KPMG in India

"The event was highly praised by attendees for its interactive and fruitful nature. Events 4 Sure's commendable initiative of gathering professionals from diverse areas and roles was widely appreciated."


Mehak Khanna

Partner, Khaitan and Khaitan

"It was a pleasure to participate in this well-managed and fantastically planned event. The experience was enjoyable, and it was nice to meet everyone online. I want to commend the Events 4 Sure team for their excellent coordination and putting together a fabulous event. I look forward to participating in future events."


Danielle Carr

Senior Associate, SCA ONTIER LLP, UK

"I'd like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the invitation to the Global Legal ConfEx yesterday. From attending insightful sessions throughout the day to witnessing excellent organization, remarkable content, and captivating speakers, the event exceeded expectations. The networking opportunities were also exceptional. Thank you for extending the invitation; it was a truly valuable experience."


Richard Milchior

Partner, Granrut LLP,  France

"I was delighted to have attended the event, and I would be thrilled to participate as a speaker in any of your future events. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to engage with such a dynamic community of professionals."


Samira Taourit

MEA Marketing coordinator, 
Dilitrust, France

"I had the pleasure of attending the Dubai ConfEx for the second time and I must say it was extremely well-organized. There were numerous professionals to connect with from the GDPR field, and I obtained many high-quality leads. I would definitely love to attend such events in the future."


Michael Peer

Head of Dispute Advisory, 
South East Asia at PwC 

"The presentation sounds highly informative, and it's wonderful that you had the opportunity to share your insights with the event attendees. Early mediation is a compelling subject in the legal industry, and your perspective on the significance of commercial solutions is truly valuable. Thank you for sharing your experience at the Global Legal ConfEx & Law Tech Exhibition."

Ksenia Takhistova.jpg

Ksenia Takhistova

Vice Chair, Director and Legal Counsel, CME Group of ACS NY USA

"I am grateful for the opportunity to participate as a speaker in this year's event, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I look forward to the possibility of working together in the future. Please find my responses to your questions below, and I hope you have a great day."


Matthew Tullet

Legal Solution Specialist, 
Thomson Reuters

"This was a fantastic event. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, including privacy experts and professionals from the legal services industry. I am looking forward to meeting even more people at upcoming events."


Mohamed Salama

Key Account Manager, 

"I would like to extend my gratitude for the recent event. Our team had an exceptional experience, generating valuable leads for our business and reconnecting with existing clients. The sessions and speakers provided valuable insights, and we eagerly anticipate participating in future events. I wholeheartedly recommend this event to anyone in the industry as it offers a valuable platform for learning, networking, and business growth."


Mattias Aggeler

Partner - Computer Forensics, 
Swiss FTS AG

"The event was truly enjoyable, featuring unique and beneficial elements, such as round tables that fostered organic conversations. It provided an excellent networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect and engage in meaningful discussions."


Peter Wilson

Client Executive- Nordics and Middle East, OneTrust

"It was equally great to network with large number of top level decision making GCs, Head of Data Privacy, Cyber Security Experts, GRC Professionals, Law firm Partners etc. in the conference. The event was truly enjoyable, featuring unique and beneficial elements. Very well-organized event. Congratulations Team Events 4 Sure!.”


Rakesh Udupi

Head of Legal,
Infosys BPM

"It was an absolute pleasure being a part of the panel at the Events 4 Sure event. The panel discussion was insightful, and the panelists were remarkable. I gained valuable perspectives from industry peers across various sectors, including IT, BPO, and outsourcing. Hearing about their experiences, examples, and challenges was immensely beneficial. Moreover, the event provided an excellent networking opportunity, allowing me to connect with professionals from diverse fields. Overall, it was a fantastic event. Thank you, Events 4 Sure, for organizing it."


Ritu Sajnani

Senior Legal Counsel,


"Hello, I'm Ritu Sajnani, Senior Counsel at Coin Switch, India's leading crypto exchange. I believe lawyers and compliance teams play a crucial role in effectively navigating challenges and finding solutions. Events like these provide us with valuable insights into the experiences of blue-chip companies, startups, mid-sized firms, and perspectives from law firms. These sessions are highly beneficial for us to understand the current landscape. I had the opportunity to speak at one such session and look forward to participating in many more. Thank you for organizing these events."


DR. Jitendra Jagota

Regional Director Commercial Legal-Greater Asia, International Flavors & Fragrances

"Thanks for coordinating and organizing the event. It was indeed optimal use of the technology to hold an event of such a big size. I enjoyed."


Sanjay Shah

Managing Director, iManage

"This platform provides a fantastic opportunity for lawyers, law firms, and corporate legal departments to attend and explore the event's offerings. The impeccable organization and well-crafted keynotes and presentations highlight the role of law technology in empowering law firms. It's an excellent platform that offers a comprehensive overview of the entire spectrum of law technology."


Srinivas Kotni

Founder & Managing Partner, Lexport

"I would like to express my gratitude to Events 4 Sure for inviting me as a speaker. The event was exceptionally well-organized and technology-driven. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this global event. Best wishes to the team, and I'm happy to support your future conferences."


Aravind Varma

Senior Legal Counsel,


"Hello, everyone! I'm Arvind Varma, a Senior Legal Counsel at WeWork in India. It was a great privilege for me to be part of the session on creating innovation within the legal department at the event organized by Events4Sure. This platform offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with legal leaders and exchange ideas, particularly regarding the benefits of technology for both the legal department and the overall company. I'm eagerly looking forward to attending many more insightful sessions in the future, and I sincerely hope that Events4Sure continues to organize such valuable events. Thank you."

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