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(Speed Networking Meetings Format)

DUBAI, UAE  - 28 MAY 2024

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek,

Baniyas Road, P.O.BOX 476, Dubai, UAE

Speed Networking Opportunities in:

GRC. Data Privacy. Cyber Security. Compliance. Governance. Risk Management. Regulatory Affairs. E-Discovery. Cloud Computing. Blockchain. AI. Legal Technology.
This event will gather a vast array of legal and technology professionals, such as In-house Counsel, Data Privacy Heads, Heads of Risk & Compliance, Chief Governance Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Compliance Managers, Cyber Security Managers, Governance Manager, Forensics & Investigation Managers, Head Legal & Company Secretaries, Chief Legal Officers, Law Firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals, and Service Providers.
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The Global GRC, Data Privacy & Cyber Security ConfEx is a premier event that will be held on May 28, 2024, in Dubai, UAE. This event will gather a vast array of legal and technology professionals, such as In-house Counsel, Data Privacy Heads, Heads of Risk & Compliance, Chief Governance Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Compliance Managers, Cyber Security Managers, Governance Manager, Forensics & Investigation Managers, Head Legal & Company Secretaries, Chief Legal Officers, Law Firm Partners, Law Tech Professionals, and Service Providers.

The event will feature keynote addresses, case study presentations, collaborative round table discussions, and exhibitions showcasing the latest products and services in the industry. The conference is a unique opportunity for legal professionals to network, learn from their peers, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

Attendees can expect to gain insights into the latest developments in litigation and e-discovery, explore the latest legal tech innovations, and connect with like-minded professionals. The Global Litigation & E-Discovery ConfEx promises to be an informative and engaging event for legal professionals.

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  • Take part in a dynamic conference on the intersection of legal and technology, featuring a multitude of speakers and attendees.

  • Explore the latest industry trends and innovations presented by national and international speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.

  • Establish meaningful connections with Bar Associations and Media Partners to expand your professional network.

  • Gain valuable knowledge from compelling keynote addresses, exclusive case study presentations, roundtable discussions, and business dialogues.

  • Connect with C-level executives and decision-makers to generate new business leads and opportunities.

  • Take advantage of numerous networking opportunities to meet and build relationships with other professionals in your field, paving the way for future collaborations.

  • Join collaborative roundtable discussions to exchange insights and perspectives, promoting a collaborative and inclusive dialogue.

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About the Speakers

The event will showcase several distinguished speakers from a variety of legal, technology, and business backgrounds. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable insights from these experts as they share their experiences and knowledge on the key topics included in the event's agenda program.

Lori Baker.png

Lori Baker

Director of Data Protection & Regulatory Compliance
DIFC Authority

Noor Maki.png

Noor Maki

Group General Counsel
Rental Solutions and Services

Rajvi Modi.png
p labs.png

Rajvi Modi

Information Security Manager

Habib Saeed.png

Habib Saeed

Senior Associate
Squire Patton Boggs (MEA) LLP

Joe Abi Nader.jpg

Joe Abi Nader

Privacy Lead MENAT

Manish Mishra.png
citi logo.jpg

Manish Mishra

Data Protection Officer

Eman ElSharkawy.png

Eman ElSharkawy

Regional Ethics and Compliance Director Middle East Africa Russia and CIS

Bahzad Brifkani.png

Bahzad Brifkani

Head of Data Protection and DPO
Notting Hill Genesis

Sabrine  Makkes.png

Sabrine Makkes

Head of Compliance, Middle East & Africa Compliance Association Board Member

Mohammad Abassery Arafa.png

Mohammad Abassery Arafa

Principal Cybersecurity

Sadaf Rizvi.png

Sadaf Rizvi

Group Head of Data Governance

& Privacy

Maha Driss.png
Maha Driss.png

Maha Driss

Corporate Legal and Compliance Director

Gordon Wade.png

Gordon Wade

Lead Privacy Counsel (Regulatory)



Head of Data Protection GDPO
Alshaya Group

Hani Bakry.png

Hani Bakry

Compliance Officer
Boehringer Ingelheim MENA


Ghinwa Halik.png

Ghinwa Halik

Global Privacy - Middle East & Africa Lead
Johnson & Johnson

Sakshi Buttoo.png

Sakshi Buttoo

Data Protection, Privacy & Cybersecurity Counsel


Cristina Amate Munoz.png

Cristina Amate Munoz

Head of Legal and Contracts

Rawan Abdel Nour.png

Rawan Abdel Nour

Legal & Compliance Advisor - Board Secretary
AL Ghurair Group

Sumit Kumar.png

Sumit Kumar

GRC Officer
Avrioc Technologies



Sr Director - Global Data Privacy Officer

Ali Katkhada.png

Ali Katkhada

Group Chief Information Officer
Depa Group

female dummy (1).png

Zaheera Ahmed

Data Privacy Officer

Hala Sakr.png

Hala Sakr

Senior Legal and Compliance Counsel, Head of Data
Privacy, Samsung 
Electronics Middle East and North Africa

Sherwyn Rodricks.png

Sherwyn Rodricks

Senior Vice President- Risk & Compliance Management

Mustapha Huneyd.png

Mustapha Huneyd

Field CISO - Director of Customer Cybersecurity & Privacy
Ericsson AB

Zara Merali.png

Zara Merali

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

Yasser Sallam.png

Yasser Sallam

Ethics Compliance Senior Managers - MENA/KSA
Weatherford International

Mena George.png

Mena George

Information Security Officer

Mostafa Hussein.png

Mostafa Hussein

Senior Legal Counsel
United Arab Bank

Imran Kazmi.png

Imran Kazmi

Regional Head Regulatory Compliance & Data Privacy
Habib Bank Limited

Tarek Massoud.jpg

Tarek Massoud

Chief Compliance Officer

Rahul Purohit.jpg

Rahul Purohit

AVP - Information Security Compliance
Mashreq Bank

Dr. Avishay Klein.png

Dr. Avishay Klein

Partner, head of Privacy, Cyber & AI
Barnea Lawfirm

Shaima Al Sayed.png
OIP (1).jpg

Shaima Al Sayed

Head of Legal
VinFast Middle East

Siham Benhamidouche.png

Siham Benhamidouche

Digital Risk Leader
Schneider Electric

Kahroba Kojouri.png

Kahroba Kojouri



Abhilash Radhadevi.JPG

Abhilash Radhadevi

Head of Cyber Security
OQ Trading


(Speed Networking Meetings Format)

(08:00 AM – 05:45 PM Local Time)

08:00 AM – Onwards

Conference Registration

Networking tea with speakers & delegates.

Informal networking with exhibitors.

08:30 AM – 09:30 AM

Speed Networking Meetings: Facilitating Connections among General Counsel, Law Firm Partners, and Service Providers

Our event includes a unique feature called "Speed Networking Meetings," which bring together Connecting Counsel, Law Firm Partners, and Service Providers. Initially, all participants are invited to introduce themselves using a microphone, allowing everyone to familiarize themselves with each other in the conference hall on the morning of the event.


Following this introduction, attendees are encouraged to actively participate in dynamic speed networking sessions. They are prompted to stand up, engage with peers seated nearby, exchange business cards, and delve into meaningful discussions. There are no limitations on whom participants should interact with; everyone is encouraged to engage with each other within the designated timeframe, facilitating the exchange of contacts and discussions on potential opportunities.

09:30 AM – 10:10 AM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions 1

Navigating Data Protection in the UAE: A Guide for Businesses

  • What is the significance of the DIFC Data Protection Law?

  • DIFC Data Protection Law: act now to ensure compliance.

  • What has struck you as one or two of the most important Privacy Issues arisen because of the pandemic?

  • Considering what the GDPR looks like, how will it shape data protection in the UAE?

  • What advice would you have for privacy practitioners working in the MENA region who want to develop their career?

  • Legal basis for processing personal data.

  • Data breaches and fines for breaches.

  • New Data Protection Law in UAE.


Noor Maki, Group General Counsel, Rental Solutions and Services

Ali Katkhada, Group Chief Information Officer, Depa Group

Imran Kazmi, Regional Head Regulatory Compliance & Data Privacy, Habib Bank Limited

Lori Baker, Director of Data Protection & Regulatory Compliance, DIFC Authority

Hani Bakry, Compliance Officer, Boehringer Ingelheim MENA

Shaima Al Sayed, Head of Legal, VinFast Middle East

Kahroba Kojouri, Associate, Dentons

10:10 AM – 10:40 AM

Keynote Address 1

Building an Integrated, Mature GRC Program: Key Features & Challenges

  • Adopt an integrated approach toward GRC to support business strategy and sustainability.

  • Apply business practices that support long-term sustainability based on an understanding of the key principles of governance frameworks.

  • Improve business performance by implementing systems and structures that support effective risk management.

  • Formulate meaningful reports that promote compliance within your organisation.

  • Integrate and strategically align GRC through adopting effective methods.

10:40 AM – 11:10 AM

Informal Networking & Tea Break

  • Networking tea with speakers & delegates.

  • Informal networking with exhibitors.

11:10 AM – 11:40 AM

Keynote Address 2

Shifting Leadership Focus: Exploring the Emphasis on Third-Party ESG Risks

As per the latest report, Organizations across the globe have increased their awareness and focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, yet many do not have a formal mechanism to assess or prioritize ESG risks in their extended enterprise. Experts will discuss-

  • Why leaders turn focus to third-party ESG risks?

  • Why ESG is the key to unlocking a better world?

  • Why does ESG compliance matter for third-party risk management (TPRM)?

  • Managing third-party ESG risk across the extended enterprise.

  • Enhanced company reputation and competitive advantages.

  • Understand ESG disclosure requirements.

  • Use ESG principles to identify and manage risk.

  • Consider the intersection between ESG and compliance.

11:40 AM – 12:00 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 1

12:00 PM – 12:20 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 2

12:20 PM – 01:00 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions 2

​Cybersecurity: Trends and Developments in the UAE

  • Developing data privacy legislation in the UAE.

  • Continued increase in ransomware in the UAE.

  • Changing face of fraud and cyber-attacks in light of the rise in cryptocurrencies.

  • Rise in demand for cyber-insurance.

  • Acceleration in digitisation and remote working.


Sakshi Buttoo, Data Protection, Privacy & Cybersecurity Counsel, FIS

01:00 PM – 02:00 PM

Informal Networking & Lunch Break

  • Networking lunch with speakers & delegates.

  • Informal networking with exhibitors.

02:00 PM – 02:40 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions 3

Staying Vigilant on Data Protection, Privacy, and Handling

  • How are compliance departments dealing with the now huge amount and complexity of customer data?

  • Managing the risks in its storage, transfer, and analysis.

  • What solutions are needed to streamline the governance of this data and keep it protected?

  • Syncing policies, procedures, and controls with evolving regulations.

  • Managing regulatory engagements for better communication and improved results.

  • Fostering Data Privacy Culture/Awareness within Organizations.

02:40 PM – 03:10 PM

Keynote Address 3

AI-Enabled GRC Platform: Investment vs Expected ROI?

  • How are organisations right now seizing opportunities presented by their digitisation journey?

  • Advances in AI for risk.

  • Advances in business intelligence for risk.

  • Maintain control of your data and build your competitive advantage. Understand how your data is managed?

03:10 PM – 03:30 PM

Exclusive Case Study Presentation 3

03:30 PM – 04:10 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions 4

Don't Let Your AI Control You: Manage AI Trust, Risk and Security

  • Building Trust: Ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in AI systems to establish trust.

  • Risk Assessment: Identifying potential risks associated with AI, such as privacy breaches, bias, and security vulnerabilities.

  • Security Measures: Implementing robust security measures, including authentication, encryption, and access controls, to protect AI systems.

  • Ethical Considerations: Addressing ethical concerns related to AI's impact on society, values, and human rights.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Regularly evaluating and monitoring AI systems to detect and mitigate emerging risks.


Rahul Purohit, AVP - Information Security Compliance, Mashreq Bank

Manish Mishra, Data Protection Officer, Citibank

Eman ElSharkawy, Regional Ethics and Compliance Director Middle East Africa Russia and CIS, AbbVie

04:10 PM – 04:20 PM

Informal Networking & Tea Break

  • Networking tea with speakers & delegates.

  • Informal networking with exhibitors.

04:20 PM – 05:00 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions 5

Digital Compliance: Seizing Leadership Opportunities for Attorneys in the Digital Age

  • Exploring the growing importance of digital compliance in the modern era, encompassing data protection, cybersecurity, and regulatory adherence.

  • Empowering businesses through expert guidance.

  • Leveraging technology for efficient compliance.

  • Proactive strategies for mitigating risks.

  • Embracing innovation and advancement.


Hala Sakr, Senior Legal and Compliance Counsel, Head of Data Privacy, Samsung Electronics Middle East and North Africa

Sabrine  Makkes, Head of Compliance, Middle East & Africa Compliance Association Board Member, MEACA

05:00 PM – 05:40 PM

Collaborative Round Table Discussions 6

The Convergence of Data Security, Governance, and Privacy in the Context of Modern Data Protection and Privacy Regulations

  • Globally, privacy regulations are evolving into data protection and privacy regulations.

  • Technology is being developed and adopted to assist organizations in managing these regulations on a large scale and, when feasible, autonomously.

  • An overlap of roles and responsibilities across policy, classification, and protection is arising, and the adoption of cloud and multi-cloud is accelerating this trend.

  • Collaboration and harmonization are key to achieving business objectives.

  • Cyber risk quantification enables the expression of cyber risk in business terms.

  • Managing risk across the third-party ecosystem is essential in the extended enterprise.

05:40 PM – 05:45 PM

Thank You Note & Closing Remarks

Thank you note in the presence of all speakers, sponsors & global delegates who made this event happen with their undaunting support and participation.

*Program and Timings are subject to change without notice

**A collaborative round table discussion is a group conversation format where individuals from different backgrounds and experiences come together to discuss a specific topic or issue. Unlike traditional presentations or lectures, where one person is the  primary speaker, round table discussions encourage all participants to share their ideas, experiences, and perspectives

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"The event was truly enjoyable, featuring unique and beneficial elements, such as round tables that fostered organic conversations. It provided an excellent networking opportunity, allowing attendees to connect and engage in meaningful discussions."

Mattias Aggeler

Partner - Computer Forensics, 
Swiss FTS AG

"I would like to express my gratitude to Events 4 Sure for inviting me as a speaker. The event was exceptionally well-organized and technology-driven. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this global event. Best wishes to the team, and I'm happy to support your future conferences."

Srinivas Kotni

Founder & Managing Partner, Lexport

"The presentation sounds highly informative, and it's wonderful that you had the opportunity to share your insights with the event attendees. Early mediation is a compelling subject in the legal industry, and your perspective on the significance of commercial solutions is truly valuable. Thank you for sharing your experience at the Global Legal ConfEx & Law Tech Exhibition."

Michael Peer

Head of Dispute Advisory, 
South East Asia at PwC 


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